Should you buy a faucet at the Home Depot or Lowes?

Published by Millennial1 on July 1, 2007 - 2:41am

The short answer is maybe. But based on some our users' comments, we would stay away from in house shower and tub kits like Pegasus that are installed in the wall.

Home Depot and Lowes Stores carry identical models of name brand faucets that you would find in a fancier showroom or special in-house models made just for them.

You're pretty safe with brands like Kohler, American Standard, Delta, and Price Pfister. Also, if the store doesn't stock what you want it can be ordered.

Pegasus sink faucets

We like to see what we are buying and actually test the faucet and feel its weight. For higher end models like Grohe or Hans Grohe, visit a Expo Design or a bathroom and kitchen design showroom. It will give you a sense of prices and quality in relation to Lowes and Home Depot.

Special faucets for Home Depot and Lowes
Most major faucet manufacturers will make special faucet models just for the Home Depot or Lowes. No one else can possibly have a lower price on an in-house model, because no one else carries exactly the same model. In many cases the faucet is identical to the manufacturer's regular faucet, just renamed. You might find the same number with a HD (Home Depot) tagged on at the end. But in some cases, the faucet can be sold at a lower price because the materials used are lower quality - plastic spouts rather than brass, for example.

If you're not entirely sure of whether an apparent main-line faucet is actually an in-house model. Follow these instructions StarCraft Custom Builders.

Should you buy a house brand faucet like Pegasus Faucets?
The Home Depot and Expo Design stores carry Pegasus bathroom and kitchen faucets and accessories. These seem like good faucets. We remodeled our entire master bathroom with Pegasus faucets since they met all of our criteria. The price was certainly lower and the styles of the faucet were comparable to brands like Kohler and American Standard.

After buying and installing the faucets and pressure balancing valve for the shower, we developed a case of

Pegasus shower faucetbuyer's remorse.

In reality, we were not too worried about the faucets, but the pressure balancing shower valve was another matter. It's located behind that expensive ceramic or travertine tile. If the pressure balancing valve fails, you are in big trouble. You'll have to tear down the wall to replace it, assuming that you can find the replacement part.

Perhaps that is the major reason for not buying a Pegasus or other store brand. It definitely is the best reason to be very wary of very cheap faucets, showers and the pressure balancing valves that come with them.

Currently, Pegasus faucets and accessories are easily available. In our master bathroom, the pressure valve was mounted to far into the wall and the screws that came with the shower cover could not reach it. Our second plumber told us we needed and extender. We went to Expo Design and easily bought one and our plumber completed the shower installation.

Why are the store brand faucets less expense?
The in house store brands like Pegasus could cost less, because inferior materials are used. I'm not really sure that is the case though.

I believe stores like Home Depot, Expo Design and Lowes have tremendous purchasing power. These companies get the product into hundreds of retail outlets and in front of millions of consumers. So in effect they can drive a hard bargain. Who knows, maybe Kohler, Delta or Moen are manufacturing Pegasus. If you know who is, please contact me. I will share your comments with our readers.

In closing, we hope that Home Depot or Lowes will respond to these concerns on this website.


We also have a hot vs cold problem in one of our showers. It seems as though "call the plumber" is the best thing to do. Now I have to cross my fingers that the plumber knows what he is doing.

Our house is 7 years old (a resale) and we have no idea of who installed the shower or what brand it is. "Builders special" is what I'm guessing.

All your experiences and suggestions are helpful to read. Any comments about Price Pfister products? Thanks

Just make sure the plumber you call is licensed in your state. Generally most plumbers will proudly say that on their van or truck. If not, look it up at

Will think about Price Pfister and get back to you.

I have a Pegasus brand kitchen faucet with a broken part. I was lucky to have saved at least the warranty page of the documentation, and it included a contact number: 866-863-1500. This is different than the HD customer service number, so I gave it a try. I talked to a human, and she asked me to identify the model number of my faucet. Since I no-longer knew that, she suggested I email a photo of the faucet. Later in the day, I got a response that the part is available at modest cost.

My faucet -- a single hole, pullout type -- is made by Paini, an Italian manufacturer.

I hope this helps others, it is possible to get Pegasus parts, at least in some cases.

Thanks for passing this along. Paini's website is at Many people here have wondered about this. How did you come by this information?

Have just purchased a complete shower set, which includes the 0X8 valve. The first paragraph in the instructions says"Warning: This product has been design for use with the Price Pfister 0X8 series pressure balancing valve. It will not work with any other product. Please review the 0X8 valve installation instruction before installing this product." Trouble is, no instructions were included in the package, and if Price Pfister has a web site with product data and I/O/M's I can't find it. Help!

Mike, you can find it at

Had trouble with mixer valve cowling. Would tighten down and threads
would pop. Noticed alot of play in the threads. remedied ( so far ) by
winding about ten turns of thread tape and tightening to before a mark
where it previously popped. Will have to charge extra to install Pegasus
products.This embarrassed me in front of my customers, when I turned the water on and water was spraying inside the wall!!!! This never happened with other brand installations. Where's the pegasus help website?? Will they reimburse me for trouble-shooting and making their product work ???

The number for Pegasus technical support is 1-888-328-2383. You can actually speak with a live person and they can be helpful. They will send parts at no charge but, as I have recently experienced, they cannot fix a faulty product. I installed a Pegasus shower faucet and have had no problem for about 4 years. Now it seems to have broken down. The pressure mixing cylinder is inoperable and after 2 replacements (both failed to fix the problem), flushing the lines (brand new) and many trips up and down the stairs turning on and off the water supply I am finally ready to face the fact I'm going to have to rip[ out the wall and install a replacement. You can be sure it will NOT be a Pegasus!

I am getting the run around from HOME DEPOT regarding my brand new Pegasus shower faucet. I as well need an extension valve stem because I have deep walls and no one is willing to help me by staying on top of the people that have the part. Home Depot says that they are waiting for Pegasus to call them back. Its been 3 days now. So I was thrilled when I saw this post that I can go to Expo Design, but to my misfortune they are going out of business and are not placing any more custom orders. Where the heck can you get this part? NO ONE KNOWS!!! No one can help you and they only blame "Pegasus" for not calling them back. I would highly recommend against anyone buying this "Store brand" Pegasus. Now we have to rip out our wall to replace it with a better brand like Moen or Kohler. Something so simple has been made so difficult by Home Depot.

This comment is for Sharon...I also had a problem with the Pressure Balance Spool. I assume this is the same part as your pressure mixing cylinder. My spool slowly failed over a year and was manifested by an inability to control water temp out of the shower head. Total failure occured when I could only get hot water. In removing the spool....this is done by unscrewing the hex head bolt on the right side adjacent to the cold water inlet adjustment screw....the hex head broke off and I had to remove the spool by wedging a screwdriver into the spool and twisting the spool while pulling. It came out ok. I left the spool out and replaced the broken off hex head part, and the shower functioned ok but the temperature would change if someone turned on water elsewhere in the house. My question for you is...what are the symptoms that lead you to conclude you have a failed pressure mixing cylinder. Where is this part you replaced located.

I installed a Pegasus Bamboo style shower unit in the guest bath. In shutting off the shower water, the handle broke and now just spins. I can not turn the water on or off. Home depot no longer carries that Pegasus brand bamboo style in brushed nickel. Thanks for posting the Pegasus phone numbers. The customer service rep said Pegasus is owned by Home Depot and they have several contracted manufacturers.

I have a yearly problem with my shower pull gromet wearing out. The rubber gromet that came with the new unit never worked. When I went to HD all they did was gave me a stainless steel washer to raise the gromet to fit. This just forced you to pull the shower lever harder and wedge the gromet it. I had to get some silicone grease to help it slide. That only lasts so long and then the gromet just wears out again. I just got back from HD tonight fighting that some problem. The plumbing dept guys never say much when you mention it is a bad part from a Pegasus product. Well the new rubber washers that I was told to shove in my pocket and walk out with seem to be working for now.

I've had exactly the same problem as you. I bought mine 3 years ago. Nobody at HD can help, the customer service people at Pegasus are friendly and have sent me replacement parts twice, once for the pressure valve, once flimsy plastic grommets for the pull; neither has worked properly for any length of time.. My plumber recommends I stick to American Standard in the future. However my bathroom sink faucet works fine--so far.

Hello, Where did you find Pegasus faucets phone number

Pegasus / you get what you pay for plain and simple. No different here. These are for consumers that would like to save a little in the beginning and spend alot in the end.

Total Junk, Three year faucets if your lucky!

Could not agree more...

I too bought a Pegasus but for my Kitchen sink and have the same pressure problem. After many phone calls to Home Dept, I am just going to buy another model!!! What a run-around. The first guy I spoke too didn't even know that Pegasus was a HD product!!! Thank you for your advice. You DO get what you pay for!!

You're not alone. I am beginning to believe that "you can't afford to buy cheap." With respect to plumbing, we have looked to well established brands- Kohler, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Moen, Delta etc. If we can't google a brand and find out who stands behind it, we pass.

I absolutely AGREE! If you are purchasing a faucet for use in a project house or NOT for long term use, it is acceptable to purchase an in-store brand, but still leaves someone else with a future problem. OTHERWISE, just spend the money and buy something from an established brand.

So, just got off the phone with a man very difficult to understand at "Pegasus faucet"... called 866-863-1500. To start, there answering service is extremely low grade and if you call after 4:30 EDT, is says "dial ext 106 for both customer service and technical support". Now I have a Pegasus K300 (sku 674 410P) about 3yrs old that is literally falling apart... PURE CRAP, especially given the $150 price point at home depot. I should not be replacing parts on this faucet so soon. However, the guy was very nice and said he would ship out a new hose (mine is fraying) and a new rubber button (mine is worn out) tomorrow. Hopefully they show up quickly.

We should all stop wasting our money and stop feeding the fat wallets of the executives of these crappy big box stores! In-store branded stuff is almost always inferior, especially when it comes to product support.

I bought what I consider an expensive Pegasus kitchen faucet from Lowes...just like one I installed in a friend's house. I did his first. After I put mine in my friend complained about sprayer pressure. This happened to me too...but worse, the pressure valve that selects prayer from regular neck sticks and opens at it's own. After taking the thing out and looking it over, there is no reasonable way to get to that valve. My wife is not happy with me choosing it. I even paid good cash for the Pegasus composite granite sink, which seems to be fine. But even if they replace this faucet I feel strongly it will fail.

I've had my single-handle Pegasus kitchen faucet for about 2 1/2 years, and over the past 6 months it has been failing. It has a pull-out sprayer with a soft rubber on/off button that literallly disintegrated into little granules of rubber. Now there is just a hole where the button used to be. Also, the cartridge is freezing up. I can hardly turn the handle to adjust the water temperature. I still have the brochure that came with the faucet, and it shows a drawing of the faucet, but has no model number, so it is not possible to discuss with Pegasus which model I'm dealing with. I paid about $175 for this faucet. That seemed like a lot to me, and I certainly expected it to last more than 30 months!! I will never buy house brand plumbing fixtures from a big box store again. This Pegasus faucet is just a piece of junk.

Try uploading a photo and send it to the Pegasus. See the following comment made by Rob:

Pegasus Fauctets contact info
Submitted by Rob (not verified) on December 1, 2008 - 19:13. Hope it helps.

About three years ago we had Home Depot redo our kitchen, we used granite counter tops and under-mount sink and Pegasus 4 hole faucet.
We spend around $8,000 and would be generous giving them a C- for overall performance. Recently the faucet starting leaking around the handle and went into my local HD sote , the plumbing expert told me how to remove the cartridge and fix it. "Just bring it in and we'll fix you up".

Well today I fought with it and it was hell to get the parts out. I went into the HP store and their "expert informed them that Pegasus model is not longer available and neither is the replacement cartridge.

Since my sink is torn apart and we have NO water I had to buy a completely new faucet. This time I going to try Delta, the quality can't be much worse and neither can the Home Depot service.

$8,000 and three years later i want to change my grade from C- to E- for both Home Depot and Pegasus.

Tech rep referred me to the manufacturer Lota at 877-580-5682

Thank you so much for the phone number 877-580-5682. Called the with the model # and they sent replacement parts immediately at no cost to me. Very much appreciated.

We bought a Pegasus 'washerless' diverter bathcock from Home Depot. Within one month, the WASHERS in the compression stems (yes, there ARE washers) were compressed horribly and leaked. Zero replacement parts available anywhere. All we could do was buy a slightly larger washer and file/sand it down to size...and then a month later it leaks again! Pieces of garbage!

If you want to reach Pegasus here is the corporate number for customer support: 888.328.2383
Expect a VERY lengthy wait! But they were helpful once I got them on the phone and sent a new part no problem!

How long a wait? I have tried three times. Twice I waited over 20 minutes and once over 40 minutes. Is there a better time of day to call?


I read in some of the comments about the kitchen faucet problems, one which is identical to mine. I purchased all Pegasus faucets for my home five years ago. All are ok with exception of the kitchen. It has the pull out nozzle with the rubber cap on top to change from shower flow to stream. This pull out part is made of plastic and was destroyed in just over one year because the chrome covering peel's off and plugs up the water holes. The firt time I called I ask if they had come up with a replacement made from steel or some other material, answer no. I ask about future problems with the faucet and was told if they didn't have a replacement don't worry they would replace the pull out plastic portion when it failed. This is now the third time in three years,I called last week spoke with a very nasty lady who told me I would now have to pay $20 + shipping for this part it is not warrantied any longer. I told her that I didn't want it replaced because it had been replaced twice before and will require replacement again how many times who knows. She said fine and hung up. I'm very disappointed with Pegasus and will never buy another product or faucet from them plus I will tell everyone I know that Pegasus doesn't stand behind there products.