Booming Dubai: The Ever Expanding Property Market

Dubai Cityscape

As 2013 came to a close, Dubai realtors came out on top. The housing market in the booming emirate took a hit as the world economy saw a dramatic downturn in recent years but thanks to economic recovery plans and an increase in new construction, The Dubai Land Department is forecasting increased property prices in the 40% range.

Analyzing Vehicle Data to Cut Costs and Time

Truck fleet

Running a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. With customers to keep happy, drivers to send to the right locations and money to be made, it can all get particularly stressful especially when factors beyond your control play havoc with your seemingly watertight system. Accidents on the main roads, road closures and delays at the depot can throw even the best-made plans right out of the window like a discarded drinks cup, but there are forms of technology that can be utilized to help the managers get a few hours worth of sleep each night.

Saving Money with Cheap Airline Tickets for Student and Travel Discounts

Traveling with family

The Travel Organisations frequently have numerous offers of cheaper flights tickets for the students. Particularly throughout the occasion seasons when each student are moving, either travelling with companions or with family, or simply flying back home, on the off chance that the school they go to is not close to the place where they grew up. So these students will dependably be watchful for shabbier air transport tickets throughout the festival seasons.

The 5 Most Dangerous States in the Country

Some states get a bad rap. New York is actually fairly pleasant and safe, as long as you’re not showing off your new solid gold watch in some back alley of Harlem at 3:00 AM. California has incredible wilderness preserves and lovely beaches, but outsiders often seem to fixate upon Los Angeles and its widely publicized gang warfare. However, when you really take a close look at all of the facts, many often-demonized states actually end up looking pretty benign.

Five Mistakes First-time World Travelers Make

Packing for that trip

Your first international vacation can be one of the most exciting events of your life. You've probably saved up money for a while, and you probably have lots of ideas about things you'd like to see and do that you've always dreamed of. Every year, 900 million Americans journey overseas, and if you're planning to be one of them this summer, it's important to know a few of the most common pitfalls for first-time world travelers that could make your trip a lot harder than it has to be.

5 Travel Apps You Can't Miss

Travel Apps

Is taking more trips part of your New Year's resolution? You know what they say - money spent on traveling is never wasted. If you're a serious world traveler looking to get the most out of your journey, or if you're just looking to plan the perfect family vacation, your mobile phone can help you. When you're traveling to places you've never been before, you want to make sure you're seeing the sights and getting the best value for your dollar, yen, euro, or pound.

5 Luxuriously Expensive Restaurants in NYC

You may need new dreaming material or you’re actually a millionaire who will take away some useful information from this article. You may just simply be a foodie like me. Whatever the case is, you’re here now, and you’re reading. New York City is home to world renowned chefs who have spent their whole lives cooking. It’s amazing that we have people in the world whose one and only dream is to satisfy our taste buds. These are chefs worth flying in business class from abroad to witness.


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