3 Ideas to Make a Standard Bathtub More Comfy


A long, hot bath after a stressful day is always a welcome relief.  Just the thought of sinking into a tub full of luxurious bubbles and warm water is enough to bring a smile to many a weary faces.  If your bathtub is a standard tub with none of the whirling jets and massaging rollers that some tubs boast, making it a comfortable spot to relax can be difficult.  However, there are three ideas to make a standard bathtub more comfy that always work. 

 The Pillow & Mat

If you are a lover of baths, the first thing to invest in is a good bathtub pillow.  They are usually inflatable or made of great waterproof foam cushioning.  Larger bed and bath retailers, as well as, many online retailers carry bath pillows that work well for standard tubs. Once you have a soft, comfy bath pillow, the next thing to consider is the bath mat.

Bath mats are great for providing cushioning against the hard tub bottom.  The come in short and long lengths.  For the avid bath taker, the longer the bath mat is, the more comfortable it will be during a bath.  Choose one that is easy to clean, has suction grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding around, and is long enough to cover most of the bottom of the tub.  With a high-quality bath pillow and comfortable bath mat, the standard bathtub can be a lot more comfortable.

Change the Mood of the Room

Changing the mood and feel of the bathroom goes a long way to making the bath tub more comfy.  It may sound strange, but a comfortable room begets a comfortable bathing experience.  Have a portable, and preferably waterproof, stereo or mp3 player where you can play soft, soothing music in the room while you bathe.  Place a collection of votive or pillar candles around the bathtub edge or on another flat bathroom surface that is safe for an open flame.  The gentle lighting combined with the soft music will lull you into a state of relaxation before your toes hit the water.

Bath Products

You have the pillows and bathmat, the music and the candles, and all that is left is the bath water itself.  Opt for warm water over super hot or cool water for the most comfortable bathing.  Scent the water with bath oil or salts or fill it instead with a cap full of fragrant bath bubbles.  Choose a pleasing, calming scent that helps you relax.  Lavender is a very calming scent and is used in many bath products that promote relaxation.  Indulge in a rich, moisturizing bath wash if needed and apply it with a soft, fluffy washcloth.  The smoothness of the products against the skin is sure to make the bath more enjoyable.

Since altering the size and shape of a standard bathtub is usually out of the question, the trick to creating a more comfortable bath time is to change the little elements of the bathing experience.  Soft, fluffy linens accompanied with warm, soothing scents and relaxing music are sure to put any bather in a more peaceful state of being.  Take the time to create a calm atmosphere and see the transformation in the comfort level of a standard bathtub.

Artist, Jessica Ackerman, is a consultant with WallDecorandHomeAccents.com and describes how to decorate with outdoor thermometer wall clocks and tree wall art hanging.