6 tips to improve the exterior of your home using Feng Shui

You must have heard a lot about Feng Shui and its importance in home decor. But have you ever considered improving the exterior of your home using Feng Shui principles for betterment and prosperity? If not then you need to go through this article and understand the top 6 tips for improving the exterior of your home using Feng Shui.

  1. Location of the house: As per the Feng Shui principles, the back side of the house should be in an elevated position than the front side as it ensures better protection and backing for the house. It is not advisable to purchase house if the land on the back side of the house is in a lower level. An ideal house should have open space in the front, slightly higher right side than the left for support and prosperity and raised land behind the house.
  2. Front Door: If the front door of the house is sturdy and strong then the quality of energy available within the house will be better. This is because energy enters the house through the front door. Moreover, one should make sure that there is no obstruction like plant or pot in the path of energy flow. While constructing a new house, if there is likely to be an obstruction in the path of the entrance then it is better to change the entrance itself towards the side.
  3. Outside Paint: The color of the paint selected for the exterior of the house should blend well with the surroundings. This is because as per the Feng Shui principles, it is best to live in house which mix well with the surrounding.
  4. Garden: While creating a garden, there are certain areas for placing plants and other garden accessories. For example, north east of the garden should have the element of earth. Hence it is the ideal place to create landscape with rocks. Similarly water bodies like pond and fountain can be placed in south east, east and north.
  5. Tree: Do you have a tree right in front of the house? Then it is not a good omen as per Feng Shui. Either you should try to reduce the height of the tree or hang few Feng shui symbols outside the house to ward off the negative effect the tree creates.
  6. Windows: As per Feng shui if bars are installed in windows, then it is not a good sign as bars can bring in strong energy. If it is impossible to do away with window bar then make sure that remedies are done both inside and outside the window. Inside the house make provision to fill the room with natural light. Window flower boxes or tall plants can be used outside the house to bring in soft energy. 

All said and done, arranging the home as per Feng Shui principle is an art. If the house is stuffed with Feng Shui objects and symbols, then it may not provide the desired result. At the same time, there should be some aesthetic sense while decorating and it should be pleasing to the eyes as well. Just like Icon Homeware in Australia, there are innumerable online stores for buying Feng Shui products as well from where one can zero in on the products as per their taste and preference. This helps in incorporating Feng Shui principles and one’s décor skill in the best manner possible.

Author Bio: Sandra Johnson is a freelance guest blogger for http://www.iconhomeware.com.au/furniture, an Australian furniture e-tailer that deals with home ware items like indoor and outdoor furniture, cookware, bed and bathing requirements etc.