7 Ways To Add Comfort And Ambiance With The Ideal Backyard Porch Swings

People are often talking about how to create genuine quality time with the family. They’re wondering whatever happened to eating dinner together every night or having a close knit social relationship instead of just passing each other by. They’re searching for ways to foster loving family bonds. Although the dinner table in a traditional meeting place for rest and rejuvenation, there is another spot out in the backyard that will draw in your family members like a magnet.

Hanging in that spot is a well loved piece of outdoor furniture that lends an air of rustic charm to your backyard. It will support you in comfort and sway your stresses away, creating a calm and peaceful place to rest. A cozy porch swing is the ultimate addition to your yard. Hanging from the roof overhang or nestled in a swing stand, this seat will become the favorite spot for genuine family quality time.

Your porch swing will become much more than just a place to rest and sit awhile. Kids young and old, family pets and visitors will be drawn to the swing as a way to slow life down and admire the view. Watch the bees buzz in the perennials, listen to the water bubble in a fountain and enjoy the view of your landscape. Always gentle and quiet, the porch swing fits in well within the yard of any family anywhere. It’s the ideal spot for coffee, tea or a cold drink. However your family refreshes and recharges, a quality porch swing can help.

7 Essentials For Finding The Perfect Porch Swings

Family memories and moments of true bonding are easy on a porch swing. Whether you’re enjoying a moment of solitude or snuggled with the whole gang, the backyard becomes the place to be when you can swing together. Choose a type that suits your family and home well, creating an outdoor living space that caters to your unique needs. Consider these essentials and find the swing that is made just for your family.

1) Find Out Where It Was Made – Because different countries have different standards and climates, you need to make sure your swing has been built in a place that coincides with your own needs. Important safety and durability factors are covered by discovering where a swing was built.

2) Bank On Brand Names – Well established businesses with plenty of satisfied clients and a solid reputation develop a brand for their product. Like McDonalds in the fast food industry or Kleenex for tissues. You can trust big porch swing brands like Nope Cape International, New River and Old Adirondack Swing & Hammock. Their years in the industry, dependable customer service and innovative designs make them a recognizable brand.

3) Outside And In, Materials Matter – Since your porch swing will be braving the weather and elements all year round, it’s important to choose a material that can handle that. Wood porch swings have been a mainstay for generations and are still popular choices today. Teak, cedar, maple, pine and oak are all widely available. Cedar is the front runner for many homeowners because of its natural durability and attractive appearance. Pine is a very reasonable cost and you can also find many different porch swing designs in plastic, iron and steel.

4) Styling The Reflects You – Opt for back porch swings that have your family’s personal style written all over them. Decorate your outdoor living space and make sure it’s comfortable. Larger porch swings in 4 to 6 foot widths are wonderful, but if a smaller 18 to 36” width will suit, there are plenty available. Elements like the swing’s shape, back design and cushions all add to the overall look. Go for something rustic or lean towards a more traditional style. Even modern and contemporary swings are available.

5) Invest In Durability – You want your porch swing to last for years with minimal fuss and maintenance. Investing in a swing with a quality finish and sturdy construction is the smart thing to do. Teak is strong and rot resistant while stainless steel won’t rust and fall apart. Choose a make and material that you can count on for optimum enjoyment.

6) Eco Friendly Porches – Your family can go green on the porch with eco friendly porch swings made from sustainable or recycled materials and using less or no chemicals. Many manufacturers are working to be more environmentally conscious and you’re bound to find something that caters to a green lifestyle. Opt for sustainably harvested lumber or recycled plastics and metal. Some lumber uses less harmful chemicals and others have natural rot resistance built right in.

7) Price Is Important – Once you’ve found out which style, brand and material your family needs, think about the budget. Buy the best porch swing you can afford to ensure years of happy memories, but rest assured there is a wide range of prices between the most expensive and the least. Prices change with the size, style, accessories and material chosen.

There is bound to be a porch swing out there that is perfectly suited to your family and home. Take a look at gliders as well, a similar product that will gently sway away your stresses but doesn’t need to be hung like a porch swing. Some homes and yards will do best with a quality glider to capture the relaxing atmosphere.

Now that you have a good idea of how to find that perfect porch swing you can look forward to the memories it will create. Milestone memories like wedding proposals and snuggling the new baby. Simple memories like popsicles together on a hot summer day. Every moment you can share with your family on a solid porch swing will be one more moment of genuine quality time. Invest in this essential backyard element today.

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Jay Chua loves to travel and spends plenty of time outdoors. The Publisher of PorchSwingsets.com lives with his wife Deisy in Vancouver, Canada where they look forward to spending time together in the backyard. Their favorite location for reading and an afternoon nap is on their matching Pawley’s hammocks. Visit PorchSwingSets.com where you’re sure to find something in the extensive selection of patio or porch swings such as Hatteras hammock that is ideal for your family backyard retreat.