Benefits Of Installing Rainwater Collection System

Every year we hear stories like over flooded states/regions with rain water, rain water seeping in people’s home, overflowing water on roads due to heavy rain and what not. So why are people still dying due to water shortage? Where exactly is all this water going?

The water that should have been diverted to canals, wells, tanks, Baolis is getting diverted to homes, offices, roads. This water usually ends up in sewage or soon evaporates. The entire meaning of a good rainfall is rendered useless. Hence to solve the water crisis there is system which was thought by someone who didn’t even need it. Yes, we are talking about rain collection system which was thought by our forefathers.

Rain water harvesting is a process whereby we save and collect water that is dispensed during rainfall. During ancient times people around the world used Baolies, wells, underground tanks to conserve water. It is quite bizarre that in an era where there was hardly any water scarcity and at the same time there were no such things like – global warming, climatic changes, pollution, overpopulation etc, people still collected water and practiced water harvesting. But today when all the above mentioned things are happening on our very own earth people have forgotten these water conserving activities and are rapidly moving towards a fate that is unquestionably doomed.

Few Benefits of Rainwater Collection System

Today where states and countries are fighting over water resources, where people are dying due to water shortage, where clean water has become a luxury (which even the richest don’t seem to have an access to). Water harvesting has come to our rescue.

1. The one major advantage of water harvesting is the availability of water throughout the world. This means no water conflicts between countries and prevalence of peace throughout the world.

2. Availability of water in agricultural fields throughout the year.With the availability of clean, acid and chemical free water farmers will be able to produce good quality of vegetation. Also, the chances of committing suicides over low rainfall will be substantially reduced.

3. The need to dig bore wells will reduce, which were the major cause of depleted ground water level.

4. People in villages and far away regions would not have to depend on government tankers for water. They would have their own water security.

5. Collecting rainwater is also a great step to help environment by reducing the amount of water being processed in water treatment systems, that uses carbon footprint. Also, you can save huge water bills by using the rainwater collected for regular activities such as, watering the plants, car washing, cleaning etc.

Rain water harvesting system can be easily installed. You can dig up wells in your own garden or backyard, or build underground rooms as deep as you want them to be and open them at the time of rains. Today many schools, government organizations, NGOs , hospitals have taken up initiative to conserve water and practice water harvesting. Let us make the best use of the precious knowledge imparted to us by our forefathers.