Ceramic tiles imitate hardwood floors

If you love hardwood floors, but dread the maintenance, then consider Porcelanosa's Woodtec Porcelain Hardwood™ tiles. They can be used in your bathrooms, kitchen and even living room.

Woodtec tiles are a stunning imitation of hardwood. It shares the beauty of real hardwood floors, and the convenience of porcelain tile.

Woodtec ceramic hardwood tile in bathroom

Using an innovative coloring technique named “rotocolor” which makes sure that each and every single tile is different than other (just as real wood), Porcelanosa recreates natural hardwood floors with astonishing realism. As a result, the Woodtec line can also be used in hallways, living rooms and in more commercial settings.

Closeup of woodtec ceramic hardwood tile

Hardwood floors are usually not recommended for kitchens or bathrooms due to its high absorption rate. We have used hardwood floors in our older kitchen, but that required an oil based finish which started to turn orange over time. Porcelain tile has literally no absorption, which means that no matter what you drop on it (water, oil, eggs, coffee, soap). Nor will it stain or change color with age. If you have pets, there's no need to worry about accidents either.

If you think that the tile will feel cold, you're right it will. You can mitigate that by installing a radiant floor heating system in smaller spaces like your bathrooms. Find a reliable contractor to help you in your area.

From a distance, one cannot tell whether the Woodtec is tile or hardwood just by looking at it. What is more, when you touch the tile you can even feel the veins of the wood. This is an effect –name synchronization- that is popular with laminated floors, but very rare in the ceramic tile industry.

Dark colored woodtec hardwood ceramic tile

Woodtec tiles come in several sizes: 4” x 26”, 6” x 26”, 9” x 26”, 17” x 17”, 15” x 46. All those sizes can be staggered and combined, so the installation possibilities are countless.

Woodtec tiles are also ideal for outdoor applications. They go well near pools and patios.

Woodtec hardwood tiles in patio area

Do you need help in tiling your floors or walls? Find a reliable contractor in your neighbohood here.