Cost of porous paver system

Published by Jamesv on January 19, 2010 - 6:37pm

How much does the porous pavers system cost per sq ft. These were discussed at

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I recently received a quote for a I have a client in Chevy Chase Maryland that was interested in using a porous paver to construct a 150 ft long gravel driveway that is 12 feet wide.

ACF Enviromental at recommended a new product called GeoPave, instead of the Geoblock system, which is more suitable for a topsoil/vegetated solution. Eric Wolf of ACF quoted about $2.84 per square foot.

The dimemnsions of the geopavers are about 20"x 40" x 2". By the time you add the cost of the geopavers, clips to secure them and geotex to retard weed growth, you're looking at slightly over $6,000 not including freight.

Some counties offer a grant or credit for these kinds of projects since they are environmental friendly and limit stormwater runoff. That could decrease tne cost so give your county or city a call.

To get prices for porous pavers systems in other regions of the U.S. see

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Looking all around the marketplace, I came to believe that tumbled travertine pavers are the best, and ideal, option for individuals looking for porous pavers. They are 100% natural and naturally absorb excess water due to their porosity. Moreover they look incredibly beautiful.

Pricewise, you could locate tumbled travertine pavers for $2.49 per square foot and up. Here is a link with prices and product details:

I have had my deck for 2 years now and am extremely happy with both the visual appeal and functionality. In addition everyone who sees our deck and driveway goes crazy about it.

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There are many options on the market and terracotta is one of the favored and can be cost effective. It also have a natural beauty that is easy to live with in any home.

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