Countertop problems

Published by Visitor (not verified) on June 13, 2009 - 12:04pm

I have a counter top problem. I would like to use a 12 feet piece which homedepot or lowes do not have.  I do not want to special order anything 'cause of my finances. Where do they have these long pieaces in stock in nearby areas (my search was fruitless).
If I do not find them in 12 feet, what other creative options do I have such as cement work?  who would do it (or where would I look for such services)?

As you know both Home Depot and Lowes carry their stock countertops in 4, 6, 8 and 10 foot lenghts. I'm assuming that you want to reduce the seams in your kitchen. You're not going to be able to find that 12 foot length in stock. If it is any consolation, people who install granite have the same issue. There are seams in the granite. Tight ones though.

I'm not sure of your layout or where your kitchen sink is going but it seems that you're going to have to break the 12 foot length into small sizes. You can do two 6 foot lenghts or an 8 and 4 foot pieces. If your budget is tight, this is the way to go. The in stock countertops are easy to work with and you don't have to deal with separate back splashes either. We actually cut the countertops and can assure you that if you have a table saw and a very fine tooth saw blade, it will come out fine.

I would not even consider concrete unless your budget is substantially more than the $140 that the two 6 foot long countertops will cost you. Feel free to provide more information if I have missed the mark here and welcome to the community.

Thank you very much for your response to my question/dilemma. I am not certain that I completely understand but will take a copy of your email along to Home Depot. I think, however, the sink might be a problem. Thank you, again, it is a beginning!

begelow obyr

Home Depot carries 12 foot stock countertop I bought one in April for about 136.00$$

Is there some way to repair a crack in granite countertop?  The crack just appeared - nothing was dropped on it.  As a matter of fact,nothing is even placed on countertop at location of the crack.

Hm. Please answer some questions and I'll get back to you.

1) What is the name of the granite?
2) How old since it's been installed?
3) Where is the crack? Near sink edge? How long and wide?


Thank you for your response. Granite installed approx 4 years ago. Crack runs from back end of sink approx. 21 inches across the counter top - to the edge of the counter top. Width - quite narrowl - not an "open" crack

I'm trying to remember name of the granite - do you mean the pattern? I'll have to go down to Home Depot or some granite place to find out the name - just do not remember. I think it was called "Juparano or Juparana but wold not be certain unless I can see it.