Decorating a Child's Room with Wood Shapes and Letters

Decorating a child's room is always a chance to be creative and use the imagination.  There are so many different ideas and themes for children's rooms today that it can be almost impossible to narrow it down to one.  There is, however, one decorating prop that never goes out of style and can always be customized.  Wood shapes and letters are perfect for painting and they are appropriate for almost every child's room theme.

Wooden Letters

Wooden letters can usually be found unfinished at large arts and crafts stores in their woodworking department.  For finished wooden letters, try looking in home decorating stores, children's furniture shops and online retailers.  Use them to spell out a child's name, favorite phrase or even to display the alphabet.  For unfinished wooden letters, give them a quick sanding with fine grain sandpaper and paint them with acrylic paint.  They can be painted any color desired.  The ability to customize them makes them a good choice for hard to match room colors. 

Designs can also be painted on the letters to give them a truly unique look.  For a black and white teen room, paint the letters in a black and white checkered pattern.  A young girl's garden theme room would look great with letters painted with small flower details.  Use your imagination to create the perfect finish.  Staple or hot glue a ribbon hook to the back of the letters to hang them on the wall.

Wooden Shapes

There is no limit to the size or shape that wooden shapes are available in.  Like wooden letters, many pre-made, unfinished wooden shapes can be found at large arts and crafts stores.  Suns, turtles, flowers, sailboats, race cars and teddy bears are only some of the common shapes available.  These decorating accessories are great for creating a small wall mural in a child's bedroom. 

Paint the bottom half of the wall blue like an ocean with a curled wave top.  Place wooden sailboats along the top of the ocean and a larger wooden sun and wooden clouds accented with white pom-poms in the sky.  This is an instant and inexpensive way to add personality and charm to a young boy's bedroom for under $20. 

Wooden shapes can also be used in room decorating to frame mirrors or pictures.  If there is a frameless mirror on the wall, paint wooden shapes to hang around the edge.  Choose shapes and colors that match the rest of the room's decor.  The same can be done with pictures or posters.

Decorating a child's room with wood shapes and letters is a fun way to create a space that is unique and whimsical.  If there is a shape in mind, but it is not readily available, consider cutting one from a piece of wood yourself.  A jigsaw, safety goggles and a pencil can quickly transform an ordinary piece of wooden board into the perfect shape for any child's room.  Use your imagination to create the ultimate, customized wooden shape and enjoy the look of it as it hangs in the child's room.

Jessica Ackerman from generously shares everything she knows about outdoor wall decor and wine wall decor.