Finding a Good Handyman to Hang a Door

The more advanced do-it-yourself person may have no trouble with door installation, but for those who have neither the proper tools nor the experience, finding a good handyman to hang a door will be the key to proper installation.  Odd shaped door frames, peculiar angles and the sheer strength required to lift and level a door properly make it important to not only find a handyman, but to find a good one who has experience doing the job.  Horror stories of home repair jobs gone wrong, make it difficult for many homeowners to know who to trust when it comes to hiring someone to complete work on their homes.  Before opening the phone book and calling a handyman at random, consider other, more reliable ways of finding a good handyman to hang a door.


Talk with family and friends about their experiences with local handymen.  Chances are they will be able to guide you to someone who has done quality work at reasonable prices.  Shy away from handymen who family and friends recommend avoiding, even if they offer the best prices.  Sometimes the price of the work truly does reflect the job done.  Other people to ask include those at church, co-workers and neighbors.  Be wary of those who extol the virtues of their own family members who can hang doors, particularly if those same family members are often talked about unfavorably in other situations. 

Ask the Pros

Often times the big box home repair supply stores will have lists of contractors they recommend.  Sometimes these lists are truly recommendations and other times handymen actually pay to have their names included on the list.  Talk with the salesperson in the door department to see who they would recommend since they are in direct contact with many of the contractors throughout the day.  Some stores have posting boards by the customer service department or entrance doors for handymen to leave information about the services they provide. 

This may be a good place to start if your quest for referrals has not resulted in any recommendations.  Stores that specialize in windows and doors will also be a great source of information since they tend to do a lot of business directly with handymen.  Most larger stores will also offer door hanging installation services for an additional charge.  Although there is no guarantee about who will be coming actually to do the work, getting a botched job fixed in a timely manner is more likely to happen with the backing of the store offering such services.

Better Business Bureau

It is always wise to check with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out if the handyman chosen has a history of complaints.  Although the BBB cannot make recommendations, they do offer a valuable resource for homeowners.  If the handyman just does jobs on the side and is not set-up as an official business with the BBB, be sure to check that he has enough insurance to cover himself should he get hurt and if he does damage to the home while hanging the door.  If he does not have insurance and is injured, the cost of the door hanging will now include medical bills that the homeowner will be responsible for paying.

Be a good judge of character and trust instincts when meeting and interviewing handymen.  Choose someone who has the qualifications and experience that will help ease any anxiety felt about hiring someone to do work.  Referrals from close friends and family are, above all, the best way to find a good handyman to hang a door.

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