Five Unique Wall Decoration Ideas You Didn't Know Existed

When it comes to decorating your walls, you might think that the only thing you can do, or afford to do is to simply paint them. But the truth is that there are many different wall treatments that are quite affordable and easily doable for a do it yourselfer. So do not limit yourself or your walls to just paint and read on for great wall treatments that are unique and fashionable. 
Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is a great way to mimic more expensive and exotic wall materials without breaking the bank. You can get wallpaper in textures resembling wood paneling, tin ceiling tiles, or molded plaster. To give the impression that you are using the real thing, install the wallpaper between strips of molding. Using the textured wallpaper sparingly will help complete the illusion.

Custom Wallpaper

Wall paper in your bathroomHaving custom wallpaper created is a great way to customize your walls. While it is a bit more expensive than regular wallpaper, you can get exactly the look you want and can even turn your digital photographs into wallpaper. Custom wallpaper is created using large format printers and it creates wallpaper that is equally as durable as store bought versions. Custom wallpaper allows you to expand your digital photographs to the size of your wall. Consider what it would be like to have a beautiful landscape scene cover your entire bedroom wall. You could wake up every day to a field of flowers or a sunlight forest. Bamboo Bamboo has become a popular building and decorating material in recent years. Bamboo is cheap, versatile, and sustainable. Bamboo is often used for wood flooring tiles. These tiles make a great wall paneling treatment that is also cost effective. Bamboo reeds can also be used on walls. Use smaller reeds and secure them to your walls with finishing nails. The reeds can also be used to create a chair rail along your wall.


Fabric is another wall treatment that is cheap and unique that you may not have considered. Fabric can be applied directly to the wall with paint or you can attach it to panels and then attach the panels to the wall. There are endless fabrics you can use to decorate your walls. Fabrics can add great texture as well. You can use fabric between moldings, along floorboards, or along the ceiling. Fabric paneling is another great way to use fabrics to decorate your walls. Simply attach your chosen fabric to thin foam panels and attach the panels to your walls.


Mosaic style decorations are a great way to decorate your wall as well. Mosaics involve getting several wall decorations and hanging them closely together on your wall. Make sure it covers a good portion of the wall for best effect. Some examples of great mosaic items are framed pictures, decorative plates, frameless pictures, tiles, or framed or unframed mirrors. There are many more objects you can use in mosaics so get creative. Using these great wall treatment ideas is a great way to accentuate your room design without breaking the bank in most cases. So not think that you are limited to just painting your walls. Get creative, mix and match the ideas above to get a great look that is unique and beautiful.

About the Author: Zach Ball an online publisher and interior design enthusiast for and writes articles on the topics of design and printing.