Go Green with Kitchen and Bathroom Bamboo Cabinets

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Bamboo kitchen and bathroom products are slowly going into the mainstream. Manufacturers and consumers alike are slowly creating demand for the manufacture of bamboo products, especially kitchen cabinets. With the growing environmental awareness, more and more home renovators are switching to eco-friendly materials which make bamboo a great and viable option. It is slowly gaining spotlight for many good reasons and here are some of the few ones I can think of:

1) Bamboo is easy to grow.

This giant grass is one of the best eco-alternative to various hardwoods and softwoods for making sturdy and beautiful cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. It only takes four to five years to reach their full height of almost 100 feet and you can make a good harvest, as compared to trees that takes many years to grow. It can thrive in almost all types of climate and no need to use pesticides and other chemicals to make them grow. It gives out more oxygen than trees. You can just imagine having a “forest” of bamboo that contributes greatly to making the air more breathable while making money out of it through cabinetry. Just to make sure, look for the FSC-certified label on bamboo cabinets to guaranteed that they are harvested under the green policy.

2) Bamboo products look as nice as other expensive wood products.

Since bamboo has gained popularity over the years, manufacturers have begun distributing bamboo varieties in different textures and shades. There are a wide range of bamboo kitchen cabinets in neutrals which range from natural browns to grays to blacks that blend in with any home décor. Check out your local cabinet retailers and it may surprise you that they carry a whole range to satisfy any home owner’s taste.

Cabinets made of bamboo are very attractive and may have the look and style reminiscent of wood cabinets. It may also satisfy you to know that bamboo cabinets are durable varieties resilient enough to withstand years of usage. Their unique look and asian feel blends in and looks well with any appliance in most homes.

3) Bamboo cabinets are manufactured with low or no toxic chemicals.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets are manufactured formaldehyde-free and using no-VOC finishes. This means that the air in your kitchen or bathroom is guaranteed free from toxic fumes that are potential health hazards. Unlike other cabinets made with highly toxic adhesives, bamboo is a safe alternative as it is free from formaldehyde and VOCs which are carcinogenic in nature, which, if inhaled or ingested, may cause asthma or allergies, worse, even death.

4) Bamboo cabinets are easy to maintain.

Bamboos are lightweight which is a plus especially for people who loves to renovate and move furniture around the house every once in a while. Another good property of bamboo is that it does not abruptly react to extreme weather changes. It does not shrink or crack easily which makes installation to indoor or outdoor kitchens without any worries.

Bamboo cabinets are also easy to maintain and keep it in good condition. When cleaning, all you need is a soft dry cloth for wiping liquids. If you are washing off dirt or spilled food, a light detergent will do.