Home security- Assessing your needs for security doors and screens

If you’re thinking of installing security screen doors and windows for your home, you may find the range of choices confusing. It’s important to know how to shop for what you want, and how to assess your options. Fortunately for homeowners, there are some very easy ways to make sure you're getting what you want.

Security doors and screens, basic standards

The security industry in Australia sets very high standards for quality. This is a very highly competitive market, and consumers are naturally very selective. These are the benchmark quality standards:

  • Australian Standards testing accreditation: Security doors and screens must pass stringent testing to be advertised as Australian Standard compliant.
  • Specifications: Top quality security doors and screens provide a range of specifications which can be compared. These specifications include dimensions, types of materials used, and in many cases information regarding Australian Standard testing results.
  • Warranty: The best security doors and screens have extensive warranty provisions that can also be used as value for money indicators.

Important: Warranty is particularly important when buying security doors and screens. Any repairs or maintenance work really must be done by a licensed contractor equipped to do full service jobs. Security doors and screens can't really be repaired or maintained by ordinary tradespeople because they don't have the equipment of the knowledge base to do the work. 

Design options and shopping for security doors and screens

Security doors and screens must also be design-friendly. Security fittings manufacturers now design their doors and screens to look very much like conventional modern doors and screens. The appearances really can be deceptive. The custom, fully Australian Standard-accredited security door can look exactly like an ordinary screen door.

Home security doors with water views

Although this does provide a huge range of choices for consumers, it's important to remember that these doors are very different in their ability to provide security. If you're looking for a particular design option, it's best to shop around online first so you get a good idea of prices, designs and quality:

  • Search "security doors" or "security screens" on the supplier's website.
  • Make direct enquiries to the suppliers specifically about security doors, so there's no danger of confusion.
  • The supplier will need to provide a quote. It's a good idea to enter into a dialogue with the supplier about design options at this stage. If you have particular design or security needs, you can discuss these matters in detail.

Assessing and comparing your security door and screen options

Getting security doors and screens is very much like getting a commercial quote for a business purchase. It's quite possible to get excellent deals and save a lot of money simply by doing a bit of extra shopping around and comparing quotes.

Secure view- minimalist design and great features

The very best suppliers will give you quotes which are pretty much within the middle range bandwidth. These prices are usually slightly higher than the absolute rock bottom prices, but are good value-for-money deals. The real issue here is quality, and best practice for consumers is to prefer suppliers who put emphasis on the quality of their products.