How to contact Pegasus Faucets

Published by Katrina on May 28, 2010 - 10:00am

If you want to reach Pegasus here is the corporate number for customer support: 888.328.2383. Expect a VERY lengthy wait! But they were helpful once I got them on the phone and sent a new part no problem!

Hi, I'm Tinzley with Home Depot's Customer Care team. I'd like to help you with this. Can you send an email with more details about the faucet to

The Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta GA 30339

Please let us know the outcome. There are plenty of people who bought Pegasus who need help. This is a good first step. See

We purchased a Pegasus kitchen faucet from Home Depot, and from the pictures ( you can see the pull-out has deteriorated. the the outer veneer has cracked in many places and is now leaking. The rubber button on top of the pull-out has also deteriorated. We believe this shouldn't happen to a $400 faucet.

We really like the style and function of this model. But because this faucet is only a few years old, we are hoping that pull-out will be cover under a warranty.

We are hoping that Home Depot will honor the life time warranty

I recently installed a pegasus shower valve and the hot water setting is not hot enough to enjoy a decent shower...

I believe there is a setting available on/in the valve body to adjust this?

IS there and how do i get instructions to do the adjustment?

thanks for any comments!

When I installed my Pegasus shower faucet, it too didn't produce a hot enough shower, so I called Pegasus, and they told me I could just rotate the black adjustment part of the valve counterclockwise a little until it produced a hot enough temp. I don't know which model you have, but that might work for you. Otherwise, just call them. They provided me with great customer service, as I also stripped out the set screw when installing and they shipped me a new handle and set screw immediately at no charge.

where is this black adjustment valve part?

I wanted Pegasus customer care number for contacting them about the Pegasus shower faucet
which i had installed few days ago but from last 3 days it has some problem due to water spraying speed is becoming lesser,i really have to contact them and reading your information makes me happy because it gives me the number of their customer care support,
so thanks for sharing this information.

parts washer

We purchased a Pegasus Pull Down spray faucet and paid quite substantially for it at Home Depot, in Vernon, BC, Canada. We were informed that it had a lifetime warranty and that it was an Italian made faucet. Wow! We were willing to pay extra for a good product. Well, it's not quite that great. The arm that you use to turn the water on and off keeps falling off, and there's no way that can be seen to remedy this. We spent $125 getting a plumber to fix it, but he wouldn't touch it as he said the unit - handle was defective and there was no way to fix it. So our tap just got more expensive. Oh that's right....the lifetime warranty??? Well just try and find the Pgasus Company on line! And here's some more insult to injury....Home Depot doesn't carry our model anymore. Great!

So all the stuff we were told at Home Depot means nothing at all and we are left with a costly defective Pegasus faucet.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am hoping that Home Depot will honor the warranty and either give us the parts we need or a new tap.

Hi Maria,

Please contact Tinzley with Home Depot's Customer Care team. She will help you with this. Just copy your email and send it to her Also mention that i referred you to her. After that let us know how you were treated and if they resolved the matter.


I've had a Pegasus faucet in my kitchen for close to 5 years and it worked flawlessly up until recently when the trigger fell off of the sprayer and a leak developed under the faucet handle.

Figuring I would just get the run around from Home Depot I choose to do nothing about it until I came across this forum.

I had lost all the paperwork that came with the faucet and did not know the model number so I emailed tinzley and within a few hours received a reply back suggesting I take a picture of my faucet and send it to them so that they could identify the model. I sent the picture and again within a few hours received an email from tinzley with the SKU# and UPC codes for my faucet along with the email for customer service of Lota, the manufacturer of the faucet.

I emailed Lota with the SKU and UPC codes along with what I needed. Again within a couple hours I received an email from Lota indicating that I needed a new sprayer/hose assembly along with a new cartridge for the faucet and that both items were being shipped to me free of charge!

I certainly could not ask for anything better, both places provided excellent customer service. Thank you!!


Glad that you found us and that Tinzely at Home Depot was able to help you out. Most of the time customer service is terrible across the board. Great job Home Depot, please keep it up.

I first learned and downloaded many reviews on the issue from search. I wish I hadn't done this. We have had our Pegasus faucet for about a year and had nothing but problems. Paid a big price for nothing but problems, the sprayer falls apart all the time and a lot of times does not shut off when you release the handle. It has been a REAL DISAPPOINTMENT, would not recommend to anyone or ever purchase another one again!!!!! Don't waste your money.

I have had nothing but trouble since purchasing a Pegasus Kitchen Faucet. The spray handle leaks and the button on the top has fallen apart. I called Pegasus to find out how I could get a replacement spray handle. Contrary to some comments I have seen here, the customer service was awful and I must now pay $21.95 to get a new spray handle, after paying full price for what I thought would be a quality faucet. I asked the person on the phone to whom I could submit a complaint about the faucet (Home Depot or Paini) and her response was essentially "I don't really care who you complain to."


Sorry that you have received such treatment. It's just the opposite of what many others have experienced. So lets give Home Depot another chance to fix this.

Please contact Tinzley with Home Depot's Customer Care team. Just copy your email and send it to her Also mention that i referred you to her. After that let us know how you were treated and if they resolved the matter.