How To Cut And Polish Granite

Granite being one of the hardest stones available, the only thing that can cut it is either a saw made up of granite itself or a diamond-edged cutter. That is why granite is extremely difficult to form and shape. This is one of the major factors that make granite counters expensive. The granite is cut into granite slabs, with dimensions of around 54 square feet and thickness of about 2 to 3 inches. Granite slabs need extra care at this stage as they are more prone to breaking.
The basic machines that are used for cutting and polishing granite are saws, polishers and routers. Saw could be a block saw or a gang saw. It is used to cut blocks of stones into slabs. Diamond wire saw has become increasingly popular these days for cutting granite. Diamond wire saw machine has a saw with a commercial diamond fixed on it. Diamond being hard makes the job much quicker. In order to give the slab a proper size, a bridge saw is used. The next step is to make the surface of the granite smooth and mirror-like. For this purpose, polishers are used. A polisher has a rotating pad to which an abrasive material is attached. The smoothness of the surface depends on the abrasive material used. The next step is to create designs on the slab surface. For this purpose, routers are used. A router has a wide variety of edges that are used to create different designs. It has a rotating blade with diamonds fixed on it to create designs.
The basic things needed to cut granite are diamond wet saw, water jet saw, granite router, safety mask, old clothes, and granite slab. First, the area that granite will cover must be measured. Mark the areas that need to be cut out from the granite slab. Then, with a diamond wet saw cut large sections of granite top. In order to cut shapes such as sink opening, use water jet saw. To give shape to the edges of the granite top as desired, use a router. One thing that must be remembered is that since granite tops are fragile, cutting sink openings could be challenging.
The basic things needed to polish granite are commercial granite polish, sealant, and soft cloth, isopropyl rubbing alcohol, dishwashing soap, spray bottle, baking soda, and protective gloves. From a hardware store, purchase a commercial non-abrasive granite polish sealant. Apply polish to the granite area and clean soft cloth. For added protection, use sealant on the granite. Take a cup and mix isopropyl rubbing alcohol, water and a few drops of liquid dishwasher soap. Transfer this mixed solution to a spray bottle and spray it over the granite counter top. Slightly rub the granite counter to bring back the shine. You can also polish the granite counter by mixing baking soda with three cups of warm water in a cup. Spray this solution to the counter top. With a soft sponge, remove stains and deposits.

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