How many pendant lights for a 7 foot peninsula and how far from ceiling

Patricko asked "What would be a drop length for mini pendant lights in a kitchen with 8ft ceilings?  How many lights would good for a 7ft island?

Here's our answer:

With 8 foot ceilings, we like a height of 28 inches from the ceiling to the tip of the pendant. Yes we think you can get a least three lights for that 7 foot ceiling. Maybe four, but that depends on the layout and what is at the base of the peninsula.

Pendant lights in kitchen over peninsulaDetails
We have a 6.5 feet long peninsula which seats three comfortably. Our ceiings are 8 feet high and we hung two pendant lights. These extend 28 inches from the ceiling to the very tip of the pendant. That puts the pendants about 30.5 inches above the granite counter top.

The 28 inch height seems to work well for a variety of family members and guests. The lights don't provide a great deal illumination, but more important, they don't block the view across the peninsular.

On our peninsula, there  is a 12 inch wall cabinet that is on the right hand side or the base of the cabinet. So our first pendant light is 21 inches away from the cabinet door to allow for the swing. Take this into account. Then the last pendant is put in 54 inches from the wall. That leaves 21 inches between the pendants.

We think that in your case the distance of 21 inches between the pendants is a good guideline. What may dictate that is the overall size of the pendants. You mentioned mini-pendants but a picture would help.

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