Let your cafe furniture reflect the venue's theme

If you've decided to open a cafe but aren't sure how to set the theme or tone you've chosen, start at the beginning - with your furniture. Choosing the right cafe furniture can mean the difference between launching a successful, well-known venue and creating something will inevitably fail. That's why it's so important to consider the type of furniture you want pretty much before anything else (aside from the food, which will set the initial tone). Let's explore the common themes you could choose from and how furniture will help complement these...

1950s diner

Many people opt to set up a classic 1950s diner; playing to the nostalgia so many people hold for the good old days. Diners are a dime a dozen these days though, so if you're going to do it, do it right. Choose comfy booths, with the seats upholstered in red or cream vinyl or PVC. Your tables should have chrome details and likewise, your chairs - which should also feature similar vinyl or cream upholstering on the cushions. What's more, diner stools and classic steel counters are a must.

Country life

If you've decided upon opening a country-style cafe that serves up homely, warming comfort food, then your furniture should reflect this. Choose wooden tables and chairs, finished off with patterned tablecloths and linen napkins. If you have a bar area, then you could consider investing in some retro or antique chairs or sofas to provide that extra level of comfort. Don't forgot to focus on the other furnishings too, like the curtains or blinds. Picking the right pattern for these can really set off the ambiance.


For some, clean lines are a must. They like simple design and monochrome stylings, which black metal or wooden tables/chairs can really help achieve. White metal can work too, or glass - though you should be careful when choosing this, as you'll have to consider the demographic of your target audience. If you're hoping to lure families in, glass tables might not work. They are prone to breakage and don't really scream warmth. However if you wish to attract a more sophisticated clientèle, glass might be ideal.


Some people like to go the complete opposite of minimalism; stuffing in as many knick-knacks as possible. If you're going to do this, really go for it! Opt for mismatching chairs and tables; finding as many colourful gems as you can to complement them. Why not ask patrons to send you postcards from their travels, which can be affixed to the wall and provide a unique focal point? Or, you could set up a child-friendly corner and invite your younger guests to decorate the wall themselves? This will create a fantastic talking point and allow parents to have a bit of peace and quiet while they eat/drink.

All in all, there's no reason why your furniture can't form the basis for your cafe's theme (along with the food, of course). It'll be deciding upon a theme in the first place that proves tricky!

About the author: - Alec Cooper works in an international furniture and lifestyle making company in Northamptonshire, UK and likes to write about different types of Furniture used nowadays. He likes traveling and has already visited more than 6 countries. Recently started writing on cafe furniture and lifestyle products and recommends you to visit Café Reality.