Lighting on a Limited Budget

This 3 minute video narrated by Joe Rey-Barreau of the American Lighting Association will tell you how to stretch your lighting dollars by using several techniques. These include the use of: dimmers, common table lamps and wall sconces. When you combine these tips with other in our recent decorating articles you'll be able to create very cool spaces in your home.

By using dimmers in other parts of the house besides your dining room you can create a very pleasing effect. Good place to consider a dimmer is in the kitchen. Table lamps which most people have can also do wonders. Try placing them in different spots and putting them on dimmers.

Also consider wall sconces. You have two choices here: surface mounted which can easily be found at IKEA or one which require a new electric junction box. Your ALA lighting showroom and lighting manufacturer websites are good places to look for these. We like Lighting Universe, but there are many others.