Making a 100 bottle wine rack out of a wardrobe cabinet

With unemployment up and predicted to go higher, we're all looking for ways to make our money work harder and go farther. One way to do that is to repurpose furniture into something else for a fraction of the cost. We illustrate this with a 100 bottle wine cabinet made with an Pax Wardrobe cabinet and some Omar wine racks from IKEA.

We have over the years collected about 100 bottles of wine and wanted to store them. Our requirements were straight forward.

  • Store the bottles properly in a angled wine rack
  • No open storage
  • Wanted a cabinet to keep the dust off of them and out of site
  • Total budget less than $300

We went shopping for a wine cabinet and were shocked at the prices. A 100 bottle refrigerated wine cabinet retailed for $1,195. All of the non-refrigerated units were to ornate for our purposes and very expensive. There were opens storage options but we really wanted the bottles to be enclosed

Rethinking our wine cabinet
Faced with a limited budget we initially become frustrated. After all, a wine cabinet is essentially a box or a rectangle. We were not after something to show off in our living room, just something to store the wine and keep it out of sight.

Pax wardrobe cabinet with stackable Omar wine racks

We visited IKEA and found two products.

1) Omar wine racks

Width: 18 1/8 "
Depth: 14 "
Height: 36 1/4 "

2) Pax wardrobe frame 39 x 23 5/8 x 79"

We found out that the Omar wine racks were stackable. Each wine rack is 18 1/8 so there is plenty of room. So we stacked two racks on each side to accommodate 96 bottles of wine. As you can we were also able to store beer as well on the floor of the cabinet.

How we modified the Pax Wardrobe
The Pax Wardrobe cabinet out of the box is not meant to do what we wanted it to. So we did the following:

a) Reinforced the bottom with 2 x 4's. Essentially the unit's weight is on the two by 4's. We used pressure treated wood.

b) Reinforced the bottom of the cabinet with 5/8 inch plywood to make sure that the floor could support the weight of 96 bottle of wine.

c) To make sure that the unit was stable, we anchored it into the wall. We installed a 4 inch wide strip of 5/8 inch plywood inside the back of the cabinet. This was screwed into a similar piece of plywood that was screwed into the wall studs. 

We want to stress that without these modifications, the cabinet would be unstable and should not be used for storing wine or heavy material.

What it cost
Our total cost was less than $300.that included one Pax Cabinet with doors, four Omar wine racks, two door handles, some lumber and the better part of a day to install and rienforce the unit. This is a two man job. The tricky part is standing up the cabinet without cracking it, once it is assembled. Also the cabinet comes in a variety of colors too and you can dress it up a bit with some nice hardware.

There are also other benefits of going this route. For instance, if we run out of wine, we can always use the cabinet for storage by buying some shelves for it form IKEA. Also the Omar wine racks can also take regular storage shelves if we decided to use it. Last but not least the wine or anything else you want to store is really out of sight as shown below.

Pax wardrobe cabinet posing as a wine cabinet