Matching Sherwin Williams Paint Color with Dunn Edwards Paint

Published by NormaC on April 22, 2009 - 12:42am

We live in Arlington VA. We own a home we would like to repaint.  The last time it was painted was with Sherwin Williams "Cottage Cream" which goes very well with the deep red brick.  Our painter wants to use Dunn Edwards as he says it's a better paint and less expensive.

What Dunn Edwards paint color would most closely match the Sherwin Williams color that is still in production. Thank you, Norm.

Hi Norman,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Dunn Edwards is a good paint but where is your painter going to buy it. It's only available in California and Arizona.

Most paint shops, including Dunn Edwards can match a competitor's color. So theoretically it should be easy with the SW Cottage Cream. I can't really do the matching because I don't have access to paint chips from Dunn Edwards and the colors on the computer don't really render so well.

I'm curious about where your painter is getting the Dunn Edwards so get back to me on that if you could. Also perhaps I misunderstood, and the house you are going to paint is not in Arlington VA at all.

let me know.



You may take some time but it is well worth it when you do answer.  Yes, I'm sorry, the home is in Arizona as is the painter.  We are now living in Arlington, VA.  The home  is on the Historical Register of homes and we're 'fixin' up to place it on the market.

Thanks for giving such a comprehensive answer.


Don't know if you started your paint project yet. If not, we believe a very close match to SW Cottage Cream is Dunn-Edwards "Cameo DEC 742. Good luck on fixing up your classic home!