A No-smoke Alternative to Traditional Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces are cozy and wonderful; however it is no secret that they are not so great for the environment. Their smoke can pollute the air both inside and out, and lead to respiratory problems. According to the EPA, the smoke that fireplaces generate carries harmful particles, including volatile organic compounds and even benzo(a)pyrene, a carcinogen. So, should you close up your fireplace once and for all? Not necessarily, as there is a greener option available – the bio ethanol fireplace.

The bio ethanol fireplace is a relatively new and greener alternative that not only offers the coziness and warmth of a traditional fireplace but also brings with it a bouquet of benefits that makes it ideal for homes, offices, and all places alike. The ethanol fireplace is chimney-less and as the name indicates, uses ethanol as its fuel, which is carbon-neutral, odorless, and non-polluting. What’s more? Defined by subtle shapes and sleek forms, these fireplaces are beautiful, stylish, and space-conscious too.

The Eco-Hugging Bio Ethanol – What is it?

Bio ethanol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) is an absolute alcohol that is a product of fermentation of the starch and sugar components of renewable resources such as agricultural and forestry products, mainly crops and sugarcane. Milk, potatoes, beetroot, rice, corn, switch grass and fruits such as dates, banana, and grapes are also used for producing bio ethanol. Bio ethanol has a number of uses. It is mixed with petrol and used as a sustainable fuel for transport; it is employed in manufacturing processes; it creates a clean burning, beautiful dancing orange hued flame. The ethanol fuel used for fireplaces is a special, high quality denatured ethanol that is specifically formulated.

Efficient Green Energy

Bio ethanol is mainly composed of water vapor, and contains and gives off almost no carbon dioxide and is thus environmentally friendly. To be exact, it releases an extremely small amount of carbon dioxide, which is nowhere close to the quantity generated by petroleum-based fuels and the emission is in fact comparable to that of human breath. Bio ethanol does not produce any hazardous emissions that can threaten human health. Coming with a guarantee of high room air quality, the ethanol fireplace seems to be a promising choice for urban apartment residents who may not have instant access to fresh air ventilation. Bio ethanol is completely composed of biological products and is the safest liquid fuel for vent-less fireplace use. It burns off only light steam, produces no smoke, and does not cause soot, residue or ash to form.

Flexible Design

Considering the flexibility in terms of design, bio ethanol fireplaces are definitely space-conscious and are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. They can be installed in any room and made to fit any interior deco from tradition to modern. These eco-friendly fireplaces can be built into the wall or placed in the décor like an accessory. They can also be designed on living room glass tables with inbuilt fires or used as portable fireplaces. The options are quite exciting! Another interesting feature of the ethanol fireplace is that many of the designs can be controlled with a remote control. With a remote, the user can light or close the flames and also regulate the length of the flames and the heat they produce.

Favorable Installation and Maintenance Costs Differing from traditional fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces do not require any wood logs or coals to burn – this fact keeps them clean and easy to maintain. Typically, all the user has to do is supply enough fuel to the burning chamber. Bio ethanol fireplaces involve much smaller initial investment than traditional fireplaces. This is because these fireplaces do not need to be installed, need no chimney or other housing, and furthermore, require no outlet thus contributing to a better conservation of the heat generated. Most importantly, there is no need to chop tons of precious wood or burn air-polluting coals!

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