Organizing Your Kitchen Baking Center

Setting up a baking center in your kitchen can be extremely convenient, especially if you do a lot of baking. Instead of storing your baking staples, supplies and pans in various cabinets and drawers, you can instead organize them in one area of your kitchen, ideally close to the oven. This will save time, aggravation and foot traffic in the kitchen. However, it's important to organize your kitchen baking center properly to maximize its convenience and effectiveness. Here are some tips you can follow to get your kitchen baking center better organized.

Utilize a Kitchen Drawer for Spices

Free up kitchen counter space and keep your spices away from harmful light by storing them in a kitchen drawer. Simply write the name of the spice on a small circular label and stick on the top of the spice container. Using this method, you can keep the spices in their original containers, since they'll be kept out of sight. Since the names of the spices will be written right on the lid, you can simply open the drawer and pull out the one you need.

Choosing the Best Canister Set

A countertop canister set is usually most convenient way of keeping flour, sugar and other staples handy in your baking center. However, many times you'll find that the canisters are not large enough to hold an entire bag of flour or sugar. Instead of purchasing a graduated set, shop for an individual canister that is large enough for your needs. Then, simply purchase enough of these canisters for all your staples. Besides sugar and flour, canisters work great for rolled oats, powdered sugar, and other baking staples that you use frequently when baking.

Getting the Most Out of a Corner Cabinet

If you've positioned your baking center in the corner of the kitchen, chances are you are also utilizing a corner cabinet. For upper corner cabinets, a "lazy Susan" can be a great addition. These turntables can help make it much easier to stay organized and still be able to reach the items stored in the back of the cabinet. This can work well for baking supplies stored in smaller containers, such as baking powder, baking soda, cocoa and shortening. You can also use a lazy Susan for lower corner cabinets. Or, use long narrow baskets that you can simply pull out the cabinet when you want to access the supplies. Because lower cabinets are deeper than upper cabinets, this can work well for long-handled cooking tools or collections of tools that you generally use together. For example, all of your cake decorating supplies could be stored in one basket, making it easy to access them when needed.

Effective Pan Storage

Lower cabinets often work well to store baking pans. Cookie sheets, muffin pans and long rectangular cake pans are easier to access if stored on their edges instead of nesting them. By storing them in this fashion, you can simply pull out the pan you need, instead of struggling with the entire stack. Bread and cake pans generally lend themselves to storage in a deep lower drawer.

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