Security Doors And Security Screens: How to Inspect for Product Quality


Apartment, office and home burglary numbers are always on the rise. With this we have seen exponential growth in companies that manufacture and distribute security doors and security windows. Just because they are described secure, doesn't mean they are. Are you getting what you paid for? This article highlights what you should be looking for when you inspect a product before purchase.

Security Doors and Security Screens: How to Inspect for Product Quality

A booming rate of burglary and home invasion has meant an explosion in security screens and security door manufacturers and distributors. Along with this boom in sales, we have seen a range of prices and quality. Sometimes it is better to be paying more for the real thing. Are you home, office, or apartment security screens and doors up to the job? Here is a look at the main points to consider upon inspection.

1) Performance Tests.
The first thing you want to do is check the performance test results by the manufacturer. These performance tests come in several categories, such as, knife shear, impact, anti-jemmy and more. These tests are actually government recommended tests, and you should check for the official standards in your country or region. Don't take the manufacturer's word for it either. The best results are those provided by independent testers.

2) Warranty.
It is unlikely you will get a guarantee someone cannot break into your home, office or apartment, but there should be some form of impressive warranty.

3) Steel Quality. Even with their impressive array of test results and warranty, you should be looking for steel that can last. The best stainless steel or aluminium should be marine grade. This means it is strong and can withstand the punishment from any weather conditions over time.

4) Design.
Strength is not obtained purely from the materials that make up the security screens and doors. A good manufacturer will have patented construction methods to give more strength. High quality and intelligent integration of components can actually increase the composite strength of those components beyond what they have when stand-alone. Again, your supplier should have factual and objective proof this is the case.

Cross section of security door

5) Light Weight.
Lightweight devices are likely to be used more than those that are not. Functionality is a big part of any security. A heavy screen might go unused if it is hard and heavy to open or close. Good design and intelligent materials can produce extremely strong results. Heavier products normally mean the product is actually inferior.

6)Locking Components.
Locks and other devices are the backbone to your protection. With inferior products, these will probably be inferior too. You can get quality locking and other devices without paying for them. You should always ask how easily keys can be replicated. This can be a loop-hole, or an open back-door that results in a circumventing your security defence.

7) Safety Features.
Because something is built to keep unwanted guests out, it does not mean you want to be locked in from the inside. There should always be a fail-safe method for easy access. Getting trapped in a home, office or apartment fire is a real safety concern.

As you have already guessed, after considering these issues, there is less chance the cheaper of these items can be at a standard of what you are looking for. Security doors and security screens are an investment in your safety. You may even have deductions on your insurance costs as a result.