Remodeling Planning
Millennial Living can assist you with remodeling planning. This service is especially beneficial if you have never remodelled before and are overwhelmed by the entire process. The services includes meeting with you or discussing by telephone what your goals are and how to realistically accomplish within budget and an appropriate timeframe. We have essentially "walked in your shoes" and will provide you advice and tips on how to make smarter remodeling decisions, save money and time, and of course avoid disaster from selecting the wrong contractor. In the end, the decision will be yours in terms of whether to proceed, modify your plans, do some of the work yourself, etc. Please contact us for more information.

Product Reviews
Acording to Alexa, a web information company, Millennial Living's readership consists of women who graduated college. If you have a new or existing product, tool, or service that targets college educated women, we may be able to help you improve it's likelihood of sucess in the remodeling market.

Millennial Living will conduct an objective review of your product or service from a users's perspective. We'll prepare a written report for just for you and also publish it on the Millennial Living website after you have had a chance to look at it.  Our written report will tell you what your product or service offering does right and what is wrong with it. We're also open to your ideas on how to approach your project.

Please contact us for more information.

Ask Tom
Women often make most of the decisions regarding remodeling and often get stuck with the day to day remodeling decisionmaking as well. Often the guy or gal in your life can't be there or provide the support you need. This is where we come in. You don't have to do this alone!

If you are just beginning or are right in the middle of a remodeling project, we are here to  help. The first question is free and there is no obligation. After that we'll be happy to provide additional insights and advice whenever you need it for a mutally agreeable fee. So what are you waiting for? Ask Tom or read some of our testimonials from people we have helped.

We also take questions on two other sites- Replyz and Yedder:

Replyz from Millennial Living or  Millennial Living on Yedda

 Consulting to the Home Remodeling and Construction Industry
Being a home remodeling contractor is tough in this ecomnomy. You can't afford to make mistakes and every telephone call and interview with a prospective home owner can be costing you business. We've worked with contractors and architects and can tell you that most make big mistakes that cost them future business and referrals. Most don't even realize it.

If you are tired of losing business and want to improve, maybe we should talk about your situation. We'll listen and then come up with the specifics and a plan to help you win more business. To get started, see our articles about contractors and then contact us for a complimentary free consultation. We are also available to speak to your association or group.

Content Creation
So you have a home remodeling, home improvement, architectural, interior design or energy website, but it’s not attracting customers or adding to your bottom line. The experts will all tell you that "Content is King." We at Millennial Living excel at writing interesting articles for the web about all aspects of home remodeling and energy.

Our website is living proof of that and we can do the same for your website either by licensing specific content topics for use on your site or creating new content specifically for you.

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If you are a woman-owned business that deals with home remodeling contracting, architecture or interior design, we would like to talk to you about a mutually beneficial partnership that will build on our respective strengths. We're also seeking partnership opportunities with women-oriented media and websites who have an interest in expanding their coverage to home remodeling, interior design and a more sustainable and green lifestyle,ducate potential customers about new home improvement and energy products and services.

Please contact us for more information.