Tissue Paper Decoupage Eggs

Tissue paper and decoupage glue can be used to create beautifully decorated Easter eggs that you can display around your home or use as part of other craft projects. Although this method works well for blown egg shells, do not use this method to decorate boiled Easter eggs that you plan to eat. This craft is quite easy and requires a minimum of materials. With a little help, even children could make these tissue paper decoupage eggs.

Materials You Will NeedRaw eggs

  1. A sharp awl or other pointed tool
  2. Various colors of tissue paper
  3. Decoupage glue (you could also simply use clear-drying craft glue if you don't have any decoupage glue)
  4. Several small bowls
  5. Paint brush
  6. Clear acrylic craft sealant (optional)
  7. Waxed paper
  8. Black acrylic craft paint (optional)

Easter decorations

Preparing the Eggs

Before decorating your eggs, you'll need to blow the raw egg contents out of the shell. Wash the eggs thoroughly. Then, use an awl or other sharp tool to carefully poke a small hole in both ends of the egg. Never let a child do this step. Carefully blow the raw contents of the egg out of the shell by blowing into one end of the egg, holding the egg over a bowl to catch the contents. Don't get any of the raw egg in your mouth. After the contents have been blown out of the eggs, wash them carefully and let dry.

Decorate the Eggs

Use decoupage glue as instructed on the package or regular clear-drying craft glue that has been thinned with a bit of water. Tear or cut your tissue paper up into smaller pieces. If you want to create a random mosaic look, tearing the paper into irregular pieces will work best. However, if you want to create stripes or checks, you'll want to cut the paper into even strips or squares. Spread a thin layer of glue on the surface of the egg. Stick the tissue paper pieces onto the surface of the egg, using a brush or your fingers to work the paper down so that it forms a smooth coating over the egg. Use a brush to apply more decoupage glue or thinned craft glue over the surface of the tissue paper. You can continue applying more layers of different colored tissue paper until you achieve a look you like. Applying layers of lighter colored tissue paper over darker colors will create an attractive effect. Once you are happy with the look of your egg, set it on a piece of waxed paper so that it can dry overnight. Once the glue has dried, you could optionally use black acrylic paint and a small brush to draw lines on the surface of the egg, making the colored surface look like stained glass. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Use a brush to coat the entire surface of the egg with acrylic craft sealant if desired to seal the surface and give the egg a shiny look.

Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with Metal-Wall-Art.com and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with abstract metal wall sculpture and beach metal wall sculptures

Photo by: Elin B