Two Sinks are Better than One: Consider a His and hers Bathroom

27 Dec
Published by Jon W

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, one of the many decisions you’ll need to make is the type of vanity and sink configuration to install. Many older homes have a single sink and vanity, but if you have the space, consider upgrading to double, his-and-hers sinks.

For a little more money, you can add convenience, storage and style to your bathroom vanities by installing two sink bowls, side by side. Adding his and hers sinks to your bathroom might not work if you have an extra small bathroom, since the smallest double vanities generally require at least five feet of wall space. If your budget is tight, keep in mind that double sinks require purchasing – and installing – two faucets and sink bowls, as well as the plumbing for two sinks. However, if you have the space, a bathroom vanity with two sinks has a number of advantages over a single.

Plenty of Space for Everyone
Picture this typical morning scene: she needs to put on her makeup, he needs to shave. Both are trying to get ready over one small vanity, with one shared mirror. On busy mornings, it can get a little crowded around one shared sink – and not only does the chance of an argument increase, but so does the chance of injury, or at least smeared mascara.

The alternative, of course, is taking turns at the sink, but with that option comes a good chance at least one of you will be late. Installing his-and-hers sinks gives each person a dedicated space for grooming, including a sink, counter space and a mirrored medicine cabinet, helping to ensure that everyone has at least a fighting chance to get out the door on time.

More Space
Have you ever reached for your razor or moisturizer, only to find that it’s hidden behind a pile of other products – or even worse, grabbed the wrong thing? When you have a single sink, vanity space around the sink is at a premium and when you’ve got piles of health and beauty supplies filling that space, the result can be a cluttered, user-unfriendly surface. Installing double sinks actually gives you more storage space on the vanity, allowing her to keep her makeup and brushes separate from his razors and toothbrush.

Double bowl sinks Having that extra space not only helps keep the bathroom looking neat and organized, it can save time, too. No more fumbling through all of the containers or searching through the bathroom drawers and cabinets to find the elusive tweezers. Everything you need is right there on the vanity, or in your own personal medicine cabinet.

A Better BathRoom

After kitchens, bathrooms tend to be the most scrutinized rooms in a home when potential buyers take a tour. If you think you’re going to sell your home at any point, installing double sinks can actually make your home more appealing to buyers, and possibly increase the amount of any offers. In fact, since in some cases double sink vanities are less expensive than the single sink variety, you can expect to get most, if not all, of your investment back when you sell.

Style and Storage
Whether your home is a turn of the century farmhouse or a modern bungalow, there’s a double sink style that will work for your taste. The options for double sink vanities are almost endless, from simple designs with clean lines, to ornate, furniture like designs, plus a variety of sink bowl styles. With a double sink vanity, you get at least double the amount of storage space under the sinks than what’s available with the single type; many double vanities also offer drawers and multiple shelves; high-end models can alter to fit your individual storage needs.


Adding his and hers sinks you choose together also helps keep your bathroom balanced between the masculine and feminine. With a shared space, it’s important to keep the space neutral, and choosing a vanity that you can agree on ensures that you’re both happy with your new bathroom.

The current trend in bathroom design is to create a relaxing, spa-like environment, and adding his and hers sinks helps create that type of environment in your home. If nothing else, it will prevent arguments over whose turn it is to brush their teeth, and help maintain harmony in your home.


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