UK Home Trends for 2011

January saw the start of a very busy couple of years for the UK; we’ve already had a Royal Wedding in April and 2012 will see the Olympics being held in London.  Patriotism is at a high, which is reflected in our home furnishing trends for 2011. Here is a break down, room by room, of what furniture and furnishings you will find in the typical British home for this year.


  Monochrome kitchens are in style

Monochrome is big this year, keeping it clean and bright but with adding subtle splashes of colour, whether it’s a bright toaster, kettle or storage containers. Contemporary designs are preferred, but with traditional undertones. Reclaimed wood will be very popular for flooring, and stainless steel will be the preferred option for fridge freezers, ovens and other appliances. Keep your dishwashers, chest freezers and washing machines out of sight though,  to keep up the clean lines and anything less than pretty out of the way. Pull out spray taps will be the tap of choice, being practical yet fashionable,


Bathrooms to relax in  

The 2011 bathroom is all about individualism and using the space you have to create a little haven for you to relax in. Neutral colours are still big in the bathroom industry with natural materials being used build you bathroom up, like real wood, bamboo and jute.

The 2011 bathroom isn’t just gorgeous to look at, but also very eco friendly. Energy efficient heated towel rails and radiators are all the rage right now, especially as energy prices are at an all time high. Features which reduce water usage are also popular, like dual flush toilets, censored taps and aerated shower heads. 

Living Area

Living rooms are modern

Modern accents but with comfort considered. Corner sofas are still in fashion, as well as leather reclining sofas. A popular colour for 2011 is paler shades of green, but contrasted against bolder soft furnishings like cushions and curtains.

The Royal Wedding in April brought patriotic trends to the forefront, so think anything Union Jack, or in red blue and white. This is a trend that is set to continue into 2012 when the Olympics hit London. This fits in well with the very fashionable vintage style that is becoming popular in the furniture world as well as the fashion world. Vintage styles can bring a real modern feel (although usually this would be an oxymoron) and bring a bit of nostalgia into the more modern rooms. Union Jack themes will be found around the house this year, not just the living area.




Dark cozy colors for the bedroom 

For bedrooms, the darker colours will be big this year. Think browns, purples and greys with bold, accented accessories. Furniture will be bold, chunky and practical, with extra storage space being a good investment. Patterned wallpapers are still big at the moment, which help to make the room more pronounced, which can be very cheap to do. Bold, accented accessories are big this year too, meaning you can be simpler in decorating the walls and let the furniture speak for itself.

Written by the Shopping Team from moneysupermarket.