What is a rat slab?

Published by zztop on April 21, 2010 - 2:57pm

I am doing an addition and my contractor wants to install a concrete slab underneath it. What is the purpose of this? Thank you.

A rat slab is a 2 or 3 inch thick slab of concrete. It is required in some localities. It's designed to prevent rats and other rodents from setting up housekeeping in the dirt underneath your new addition and damaging your home.

The rat slap also provides a nice, but rough surface for access under the new addition if you or a workman ever need to inspect the flooring or other utilities.

After pouring a rat slab it might be a good idea to wet it and cover it with plastic. That helps the curing process and will also prevent the top layer of the concrete from drying out and cracking.

See http://www.millennialliving.com/content/photos-rat-slab to get a better idea of what a rat slab is

To get a better idea what rat slabs are i am adding a link follow this
rat traps

I guess you mean these critters are what a rat slab will prevent from setting up house.