What's a Microlam and hows it used?

Published by zztop on March 17, 2010 - 5:05pm

My contractor said taht they are going to use a microlam instead of a metal beam when bum,p out my new kitchen. He also mentioned that they cost a couiple of thougsand dollars.

There' s no problem with uising a Microlam to support the exsing wall that opens into your extended kitchen. Some people think of microlams as plywood on steroids. Microlams are relatively light but very strong. Compared to regular lumber, micolambs range from $6 to $8.00 a linear foot depending on how long they are. They come in 11", 14' and 16' lengths.

I can't figure out how your contractor came up with several thousand dollars though. Maybe you misunderstood. See http://homerenovations.about.com/od/toolsbuildingmaterials/a/artmicrolam.htm for more information on how and where micorlams are used.

I have been using patio dining table in my kitchen and have also used some normal plywood at the wall to protect the heating that comes from the kitchen. Hence, the plywood is not so strong and it starts crushing down. I have been confused by these two terms Microlam and plywood. Some people refer Microlam as like a plywood but I don't know the exact difference. Are dining sets also made with such materials?
I am now thinking of trying Little Rock Patio Furniture, is there any more suggestions?