What's your Experience with Lowes and Home Depot's Installation Services?

Published by Millennial1 on February 2, 2009 - 1:42pm

You can walk into a Lowes or Home Depot today and you'll be asked by friendly sales associates if you want a free estimate on windows, heating and air conditioning, carpeting and kitchen cabintetry. Both Lowes and Home Depot really market their installation services. Now we're wondering it if was worth it/

We found a nice wall-to-wall carpet at Lowes and paid our $35 to have them come out and measure first. We thought that they would be prompt given the state of the economy. However, after waiting two business days after we placed the order to measure, we had to call them. Lowes than called the measurement company and they called us. We hope this is not the beginning of a bad experience.

If you have used any of Home Depot's or Lowes' Installation services, please share your experiences so we can all benefit.

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Gaile Davidson on January 7, 2009 - 14:43.
Lowe's really should be out of business by now. No one in their right mind would let this company contract a kitchen install - and I'm obviously not in my right mind. They've been trying to correct a catastrophic cabinet install for a year at my house - and they've still not got it right. Remember, when you use their install service, you get what they pay for - not what you pay for. Spend a little extra money and get someone who really knows what they're doing - not someone who can barely run a retail outlet.

There has been a lot of discussion - both positive and negative about Lowe's customer service - but I can assure you that if you get good customer service, it's an exception and not the rule. Just like any retail outlet, they pay poorly and provide no training. They're unable to retain good employees - for example, I worked with 4 (!) store managers during the 14 months (!) it took to install my cabinets.

Never, never waste your time and money with a Lowe's install project!!

I would strongly advise anyone considering purchasing window treatments from Home Depot to think twice. We chose this company because of the competitive pricing and good selection. We did not know that the job would drag out over 4 months (instead of the promised 4-6weeks) and we are still missing half of our order, the other half is incorrectly installed or is missing parts.

Of the seven windows we have ordered blinds for, only one has been completed correctly. We are talking about thousands of dollars of product here, and the company that does the installation for Home Depot (they are called 3D Interiors) has proven to be completely useless in getting us any assistance. DO NOT waste your time and money with this people, trust me it has been a complete nightmare that we have invested a lot of time and money in!

We had a good experience with Home Depot installing carpet in our attic. The entire area was about 550 square feet.

The installation went well and took about 3 hours. No seams were visible. The workers arrived on time and were careful not to scape against the walls which was recently painted. Still some touch up was required.

Also liked Home Depot's entire process. It took about three weeks from the time we requested a measurement to install the carpet. Could have been a few days earlier too, but that was our fault. Here's a break down of the process:

February 14- Requested measurement at Home Depot Store in Gaithersburg, Maryland
February 16- Received email confirming the date of measurement
February 20- Received email with detailed written estimate of carpet, padding and installation
February 25- Placed order at Home Depot
March 3- Received email confirming installation date
March 4- Received check list for installation
March 6- Carpet installed

Should also add we got estimates from Empire Today and Lowes. Did not like Empire's carpet selection. Their prices were similar to Home Depot and Lowes for the same quality carpet. Lowes process was antiquated. We did not hear from them and had to call them about the measurement and then it took them time to fax us the estimate. Just not good service, especially in economic times like these where every sale should matter.

Our first installation process was a nightmare. We had someone come out and measure our living room, dining room and family room...that were to all attach with the same carpet. Lowe's hires private contractors.

We then had to wait for the carpet to be cut and delivered to the store. The contactor who they hired to do the job showed up...alone...by himself...one man. It took him all day long...seven long hours to do one large and two small rooms. The borders and nail boards were already intact...but it still took this one man all that time. They didn't have anyone else show up from this particular company. At the end of the day, he didn't vacuum the globs of cut out carpet off the floor, and he didn't line up two of my rooms correctly.

I think they sent him the wrong sizes, therefore he decided to turn the carpet around and use it another way to make the fit...this resulted in a lined look...you could see where the two rooms were sewn together.

A few months later we had to use Lowe's again because we wanted the same exact carpet installed...but we asked for different contractors. This time two men showed up...very extremely professional. We were so impressed. They brought their own water bottles, ate their own food and even brought a commerical vacuum cleaner to clean up afterwards. We would have had no problem at all if we had to give them lunch and drinks...in fact I bought things for them...but they refused our offerings and finished the job perfectly by the way, in two hours! Three bedrooms!

I wish I could say that both experiences were positive, but they were not. Ask if you are getting more than one person to do the installation before they assign you to a contractor.

Why not to select Lowe’s for flooring install…

… and why i HATE LOWE’S

After persistant nagging from my wife, I was forced to make a quick selection for my wooden floor install. I thought, if I went to a reputable, chain I should be fine.

First of all, the sales person never explained the difference between a glue down and lock in. The price for the hand-scrapped wood looked cheap. So, I paid $35.00 for the measurement. The measurer came for the measurement and took the measurements.
What bothered me was the measurer was holding the tape slanting instead of straight. But, I was busy during the time (and did I mention the pressure from my significant other!)

I wont get into the details, but during the installation, I was shocked to see the installers wasting wood. They used to cut a small piece of wood and through away a big chunk of the wood. Even after that, they were left with substantial boxes of wood!!!

After the installation, being the engineer I am, I measured the flooring. With simple measurement, I came out with a difference of almost 25%. This was after lenient measurements. With the installation and wood cost, that was substantial.

What followed was nightmare! I called Lowe’s and what followed was accusations and counter-accusations and stuff like “why did you not call us when they were throwing away the wood…”, “everybody does (over) measurements like this”, etc. etc. They reimbursed me about 10% of the cost and the cost of the remaining material.

Needless to say – I am responsible for any increased sales at Home Depot. J

If you want to do any flooring installation, here is my advise to you:
1) Measure your floor yourself
Measuring is basically simple – multiply the length by the height. If the room is complexly shaped, break it down into components and then add up the areas. (Area of a square or rectangle is Length x Breadth, Area Triangle is ½ x Base x Height, etc)

The grand total of all the areas, is what your installation should be.

2) Shop around
Do not rely on a single store. The smaller local stores offer better rates. Because they DO NOT SUBCONTRACT OUT THE SERVICES.

3) Do you research
Understand the difference between glue down, nail down and lock ins. The Lock ins are usually cheaper though the glue ins add to the value of your home.

You could get an installer separately and then buy wood at a cheaper discount outlet. It works out much cheaper!!!

And if you are a handyman yourself, get the wood at a discount outlet or internet and install it yourself. Lock-ins are great for this purpose.

You will be paying for their premium over subcontracted rates. People who have money to waste, should go there.

I am sorry that you went through hell and back on your Lowes' installation. Your experience confirms what I have been preaching on Millennial Liviing for some time. that it, you can't just sit back and assume that a home improvement contractor and/or big store knows what they are doing. You must get involved. As you said below, a simple step like taking your own measurements and checking your measurements against Lowes' might have prevented a lot of problems.

Some readers here might think that your situation is out of the ordinary. Unfortunately its far too common. Remember even Real Estate barron Donald Trump is the target of contractors who are looking to over charge him and make him pay for shoddy workmanship. Be like the Donald and do your home work and you'll get what you want at less cost.

Hi Lowes Hater,

It is unfortunate that you had a bad experience with Lowes, but it could happen anywhere. I am not saying that Lowes was not in the wrong here, but listen to this.....I have worked in many departments at Lowes, Flooring being one of them. Let's take your fine example of the length by the width measurement. Since you did not provide measurements, lets make one up. Your living room is an 18 by 22 room
18 times 22 is : 396...you need to at least have 396 square feet of hardwood.

Lowes, and any SMART installer, will have the associate order at least 20% waste(for cuts and the quality of wood)...ever tried to install something or fix an item, but didn't have quite enough...aggrivating, isn't it? So why would you be so upset if they ordered some waste?

The hardwood you selected comes in a box that covers 17.97sf of flooring 472.5/17.97= 26.44 boxes. You can't order .44 of a box, so we have to round up...27 boxes are ordered for your room. Seems like a lot, but believe me, it is needed.

Now, if you have any full boxes of material left over, Lowes will GLADLY refund the portion not used back to your method of payment. I have worked for Lowes for 9 years(and in a couple different locations/states) and have NEVER seen management turn away any refunds in this type of situation.

Mr. Lowes Hater, what might seem like perfectly good wood, may not have been. As the installer is down on his knees installing your wood, maybe he noticed that the tongue in groove section was damaged?

I, myself, never sign a contract without asking detailed questions about what I am getting and not being pressured into getting something so quickly. I go home and research and research and research! DO NOT SIGN IF YOU DO NOT KNOW 100% WHAT YOU ARE BUYING!
I did not see anywhere in your statement that the hardwood installation looked horrible. I do apologize that your salesperson was not thorough in explaining what the differences are of hardwood flooring. Shame on him/her, that is their job.

Everyone, always measure your own room before any purchase. Lowes will be happy to give you a quote based on your measurements and should tell you what you can expect out of our installation process. Ask questions! I love talking to customers and sharing what I know.
There are always bad apples in any workplace, but do not hate Lowes as a whole because of this instance. I also have to say, if you find a contractor, please hire a licensed and insured contractor. Please look at all credentials! In this instance, Mr. Lowes Hater, if you bought hardwood flooring through an internet order or an outlet center(and it appears that at time of purchase you didn't know anything about hardwood flooring), do you REALLY think that they were going to give you that one on one customer relationship with you and explain the differences of all the wood species and finishes? No, they are not.... you would be on here complaining about their service, too. They are an order taker, fly by night outlet location.

When it is all said and done, Lowes did give you a discount to keep you happy. You must have been happy with the 10% or you would not have accepted it.

We DO appreciate your business and we greatly NEED your business. Please try to go back with another project and see what your experience will be like. If you are not happy with the service, please do not hesitate to speak to the manager on duty. If you DO have a wonderful experience, please tell THAT to the manager on duty.....we like to hear what we are doing RIGHT for the customer, too.
Please post back if you have any other questions or to tell me what your next experience was like....I like hearing form all Lowes customers. I would like to help you, if I can. Have a nice day, Mr. Lowes Hater!

Hello guys, it’s really annoying. I’m really confused. I want to improve the interior of my house before Christmas. In another blog of this same side, the blogger appraised Lowes so excellently that I was almost convinced to order Lowes. Now here, as I can see most people do not have good experience with Lowes. Now please somebody please suggest me what I should do? Dogs

#saracarrol, no need to be annoyed or confused. These are merely experiences similar to reviews that you would find on Amazon.com. The difference is that the Lowes and Home Depot stores are not all alike.They vary tremendously and you have to do your home work.

Here's what happened to our efforts to buy that carpet from Lowes. We never did go through with the sale and forefeited our $35. We got really concerned when they could not even respond to our phone calls.

Next we called Empire Today that advertises on TV. They were punctual but the colors, quality of the carpeting and prices were not that competitive. We sent them on our way.

Next up to bat was Home Depot. We had a good associated at the Home Depot in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Friendly, knowledgeable and they had their act together. We signed up for a measurement. A few days later we received an email verifying the date and time of the measurement. They came and left and a few days later we received another email with pdf attachments of the order including cost of carpet, padding, installation, discounts, etc. This is exactly what you would receive if you were here in person. We took that contract to the store and paid for it and a week later the carpet was installed without a hitch. Quality and cost was similar to Lowes but we were not as apprehensive and we did not have to work as hard to get things done with Home Depot.

I'll be the first to agree that in the installation depends on the installers. However, the people who come to measure are usually from the same company that will eventually do the installation. So if things go sour with a simple measurement, you can probably use that as a indicator of how the installation will go.

Good luck.

We've had several dealings with the Lowe's in our area, including two floor installs and a tiling job. All contractors were professional and the work was excellent. No complaints at all.

Strangely, I have rarely had anyone come to my house to do work who did not do an excellent job for me. I'm not afraid to respectfully explain what I want. I'm not afraid to ask politely when I see something I'm not sure about or something I'd like to have done differently. I guess I'm just lucky.

It is refreshing to hear that someone does not have problems when using installers. Can you tell us what Lowes you shopped at? I'm sure that Lowes would like to know and so would we!

The 1st time we got carpet at Lowes. The install went well (contractor was Sun Installation). Not more than a month and a half later, our carpet (Stainmaster II) had serious stain issues. We tried everything to get the carpet clean, but it looked worse than the old carpet we replaced (it was not Berber but a shag carpet). After fighting with Lowes (and Mohawk) and working up the ladder for a year, we finally got our money back. It all culminated when Lowes brought in Stanley Steamer to clean the carpet and I still looked Dirty.

After that experience we went to Home Depot a year later after finally getting tired of the dirty carpet. We bought a Berber carpet that has not had much issues with stains, but the installation was another matter (contractor was USIG). The day of the install seemed to go well. The carpet was installed fine and the contractor was very aggressive about making sure I signed a letter saying that the work was satisfactory. The next weekend I went to clean the shower in my master bathroom and found the tile directly adjacent to the baseboard of out walk-in closet Cracked in the middle (6 shower tiles wide). I called the following Monday to report the incedent and was told that I couldn't prove it was a pre-existing condition because the installers never went into the bathroom. They pushed me off to the Lowes expiditer, who tried to help. Long story short after months with both Lowes and USIG insurance adjusters, they simply denied my claim saying that my shower was "old" and there was no proof that the install caused it. They even threw in my face that I signed-off on a form and said they did a good job. Hmmm.... a crack right down the middles of 6 tiles directly adjacent to where they banged on the baseboard to install the carpet in the closet. I'm not saying they did a bad job, but the reason these companies have insurance is because accidents do happen.

So my warning to you in getting ANY carpet installed is to inspect ALL adjacent rooms before you sign off on ANY work.

Also while researching the Home Depot installers (in this case USIG in Orlando), I found a lot of information about Home Depot picking the lowest bidders for contractors and then not paying them on time which many contractors complain about online (just Google Home Depot and USIG). This causes morale issues and poor quality employer retention.

see http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/home-depot-c94621.html