Why Composite front doors are better than wooden doors

If you are renovating your house and are thinking of changing your front door, you must consider buying composite front doors. These doors are leading the trend in home designing and are increasingly growing in demand. The doors have an array of benefits to offer; they are stronger, cost less and are better in many aspects than the old wooden doors.

Composite front doors look similar to wooden doors but, unlike their wooden counterparts, are very easy to maintain and are durable. Reputed architects today also think that composite doors are a better option when compared to the old wooden doors. Search for front doors by Global Door when you want to buy a company door.
The Choice Between Composite Front Doors and Wooden Front Doors

Durability and Strength

Let's go through the many benefits of composite doors. These doors are made with a combination of materials. They are essentially made from glass and aluminum along with a few other materials. Composite doors are more long-lasting than the wooden ones. Even doors that are made from quality wood are not actually termite-resistant and are expected to fade and weaken as time progresses. The shine of the gloss and the polish of such doors also diminish. Moreover, wooden doors tend to rot when exposed to water for a longer period. Once they rot, the only option left is to replace them, for which you have to bear a hole in your pocket. However, if you use composite doors, you get far better durability and strength, and the doors also maintain their beauty and strength much longer.

When it comes to security, are you ready to compromise?

The answer will certainly be a ‘NO.’ Composite front doors are far more secured than the wooden doors. Burglars and intruders can effortlessly break down wooden doors and gain access to your home, but it is certainly complex to break through the indestructible composite doors. Moreover, the wooden doors have a higher cost of maintenance and repairs, so in the end, the actual cost of wooden doors is much more. Composite doors are also more popular, as they are resistant to termites and can endure most types of extreme weather.

Designs and Colors

Composite doors can be available in many styles and colors. If you like varied things, there are a plethora of different and diverse designs to choose for your front door.

Keeping in mind all the pointers mentioned above, it is entirely your decision of choosing between a composite front door and a wooden one. If you have a soft corner for the wooden doors, and want it to be strong, long-lasting and termite-resistant, you can go for composite front door that comes with wooden finish.

Author byline: Tina is a Sweden-based interior decorator and home remodeling contractor. He is currently reviewing front doors