Window Cleaning Tips

Nobody likes to see dirty, grimy windows, but cleaning windows is a chore that most people absolutely abhor, and for good reason. It can be extremely difficult to get windows squeaky clean. The reason for this is because windows are constantly exposed to dirt and grime. They are the fixtures that separate the inside world from the outside world. Because windows tend to get dirty frequently, sadly, they must be cleaned frequently. Most people, when they do try to attempt to clean them, have a hard time getting the streaks out of their windows. Below are a few tips that can help get windows clean.


The best time to clean windows is either early in the morning or in the evening time. Many people try to clean their windows during daylight hours. However, during daylight hours, the window cleaning solution tends to dry up faster due to the light from the sun, and this leads to more streaking.

The Solution

The first element needed for window cleaning is a good window cleaning solution. Store bought ones work fine, or people can make homemade ones. A homemade window cleaning solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 20 ounces of warm, clean water works nicely. If windows are excessively greasy, consider adding a tablespoon of mild dishwashing detergent to the solution. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly, and then the homemade window cleaning solution is ready for usage.


Prepping windows is a step that many people overlook. Windows should be thoroughly scrubbed with a scrubber to wipe the loose dust and dirt from the window. The scrubber should be kept cleaned by rinsing it as needed. If a dirty scrubber is used to scrub windows, then the dirt from the scrubber will only be transferred back onto the windows.


Apply the cleaning solution to the windows and wipe it clean with a squeegee. To diminish the look of streaks, keep the strokes on the interior of the pane horizontal, and make those on the exterior of the pane vertical. Also, use overlapping strokes with the squeegee to make sure that all areas are thoroughly covered. This also helps prevent streaking.

Alternatively, newspaper can used to wipe the cleaning solution from windows instead of a squeegee. However, if newspaper is used, the time it takes to clean the solutions from the windows will be much longer. Yet newspaper will give windows a particularly shiny look.

If there are resin or glue spots on windows, they will most likely have to be scraped off with a scraper, as normal cleaning solution and scrubbing isn’t powerful enough to remove them.


Sufficient solution should be used to clean windows to ensure that no dirt or residue is left behind. However, using too much solution and allowing it to stand on the woodwork of a windowsill could cause damage to the wood. When cleaning windows, also do not forget to clean the windowsills, tracks, and frames as well. Windowsills, tracks, and frames can be cleaned by either wiping them off with a terry cloth towel or by vacuuming them. Sometimes a combination of the two works best.

Cleaning windows can be a troublesome task. Getting windows spotless can certainly be challenging. However, with the appropriate tools, a good window cleaning solution, and the proper procedure, it can be done. By remembering these tips and applying them, the window cleaning chore can be accomplished much more quickly and more stress-free than otherwise.

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