In Your Hands: iPhone App Uses Old Devices to Add Security

Don't throw away or donate that old iPhone or iPad that you have lying around, take advantage of the new smartphone app that will turn your iPhone or iPad into a baby monitor or a security camera. You'll find that it's easy to download the app and it will keep you from having to purchase a monitor or a security device.

Easy to Install

The baby monitor app is easy to install on your phone. You won't have to purchase anything to add it. You will find that it performs a lot better than many baby monitors that are on the market. This app will allow more than one parent to monitor a baby's room at a time for an extra set of eyes on the baby. This app works over your cell phone's connection so there is no wi-fi needed for it to function. The receiving device will pick up the monitor from any place in the world as long as there is a connection.

How It Works

The app works by using a log in system. You will log in the device monitoring the baby as well as the device that allows you to listen and see what's going on in the baby's room. You will then let the device know whether it is the monitor or the receiver, and if you tell it that it is the monitor, it instantly begins to monitor the baby. The receiver will instantly receive from the monitor when told it is the receiver. You can have multiple receivers for one monitor. You can choose the amount of time between your child beginning to cry and the alert going off; it can be from 30 seconds to 8 minutes. Your alert can be via text message or email, whichever you choose.

Using the App Safely

When using a device that you are going to keep plugged in within the baby's room, you will want to make sure that the device is not where the child can get it. If the baby gets the charging device, he could easily wrap the cord around his neck, causing strangulation. You won't want the baby to be able to have the device at all since it is either plugged in or charged, which can create electrical shock as well.

Advantages of Monitoring App

When you choose to use this app, you won't have to purchase a monitor that is solely for the use of monitoring the baby. This app will allow more than one parent to monitor a child at a time. A traveling mother could monitor her baby while the baby is staying with the other parent, grandparents or with a sitter. A free trial makes it easy to see how great the app is and how useful it is for monitoring your baby.

Monitor your baby or any room in your home with this handy app. It's a great way to help keep your baby safe while you are doing other things in the home. You'll love being able to travel all over the house and tend to your baby at the same time.

Lynn Darsow is a home security consultant with a penchant for technology. She enjoys sharing her knowledge on homeowner blogs. Visit for more ideas.