Choosing the Right Home Security System to Protect Your Family

When you have a family, you do all you can to make sure they are safe and comfortable. You teach your children to look both ways before crossing, not to talk to strangers, and warn them about things that can harm them while they are out of the house.

However, protecting them in the home is a responsibility that is often overlooked. The first step to protecting your family at home is by installing a home security system. However, like every family dynamic, each home security system is different. So how do you choose the right system for your family?

Determine Your Needs

You can’t choose a security system if you don’t know what you need. Do you need a wireless system or will a wired system work? Do you need one control panel or two? Do you need your system monitored 24 hours a day, or will a built in dialer, that only calls when emergencies arise, be enough? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself. A few determining factors may include:

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  • Wireless or Wired? The distance between the control panel and the windows and amount of control panels you want installed may help you decide on whether a wired or wireless system is best.
  • Control Panels: The amount of control panels installed is basically decided on by convenience. If you use multiple doors, for instance front and back doors, you may want one on each door. You may also decide to have one in your bedroom for when you forget to set the system at night.
  • Constant Monitoring? There are benefits to constant monitoring, however a monthly fee is usually associated with it. If you have teens that will be home alone, you may want to consider constant monitoring. Most services will also include the ability to check your home personally via the web. This adds peace of mind a simple dialer system does not.

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Monitored Zones

Your security system is useless unless it is capable of monitoring all the areas you need it to monitor. You will need to monitor each entrance from the front door to the backdoor, the garage door, patio, and every window. Whether you are using a wired or wireless system, you may be limited by distance. Those with larger homes may require several consoles and sensors. You will need to choose a system with adaptability for your large home. Aside from space, you may want to also consider monitoring more than your windows and doors.

Many home security systems will also monitor the condition of your home. For instance, flood, smoke, and temperature sensors are also available to assure your family is safe from in-home dangers. These are especially important if you plan to travel or vacation for long periods of time. The National Fire Protection Association reported that between 2006 and 2010, an estimated 371, 700 fires occurred in homes. These additional sensors can save your home from falling into that statistic.

Determining Cost

They say you can’t put a price on family safety, unfortunately many of those working with a budget has to put a price on security. With so many systems available, cost may help in choosing the right system for you. We all see the commercials for the top brands in home security with 24 hour monitoring, web access, mobile access, etc. However, if you are looking to save money and stay secure, there are many options available. A mid-grade security system on a dialer can cost $100 to $300, with self-installation. These are systems that work wirelessly, and can be installed in less than 30 minutes, rather than paying $1400 for a high-priced installed system. If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, shop around for the best price. Security systems are a competitive industry and many companies will bid for your business.

Protecting your family should always be a priority. Securing your home and all who live in it doesn’t have to be an expensive and labor intensive process. With a little time, consideration and knowledge, you can choose a system that offers all the features and protection you need to have peace of mind.

Claire Taylor is an avid family blogger. If you need to protect your family and home, security2020 may have the answers you need.