Why Everyone Should Consider Green Home Remodeling

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Who wants to save the planet? We’re sure we’re going to get a lot of hand raised for this one. The bigger question is who does not want to save the planet? With all the global awareness campaigns launched promoting green living, energy conservation, and recycling, it’s no surprise that most homeowners are now practicing green advocacy one way or another.

There are crazy ideas out there that we can do to jump-start this movement and among the few solutions I could think of include building a giant vacuum to suck all of the trash on the streets; or traveling to Australia to plant millions of trees. With all of today’s advances in machinery, we could even try creating a humongous recycling machine that segregates trash and turns them into useful resources that we currently lack such as oil, electricity, or clean air, perhaps?

We’re sure there are scientists and philanthropists out there who can do that for mankind, but for us “regular” people, there’s a simpler route to saving the planet— and that’s green home remodeling. Big ideas come from simple things and saving the planet can stem from doing simple steps that can eventually create a huge impact. But why do these things in the first place?

What’s in it for me?

Aside from saving the planet, green remodeling affects you directly in 5 ways:

  1. Saves you costs on energy consumption - Water and electricity are basic needs. However, consumption over long periods of time can take a toll on your utility bills. Consider changing your faucets and toilets for green fixtures to conform to EPA’s WaterSense program (http://www.epa.gov/watersense/). Not only can you lower utility bills but you conserve on a natural resource. You’ll never know when it’s going to run out or be limited! Green remodeling lowers you energy consumption by 30-50%-- imagine the savings you get on your utility bills!
  2. Supplies your household with healthy air from well-ventilated areas - Long exposure to toxins damages your respiratory functions. Green remodeling lowers or completely removes you from exposure to toxins that come from different contributors inside your house such as the appliances you use, paint materials, etc. Windows and skylights play a great role in making sure clean air passes through your house. By letting air circulate, you dispel toxic vapors and welcome in clean air.
  3. Increases the value of your home – A green-remodeled home is a well-thought-out house. In case you see the need to sell your property, its market value increases because of the materials used and the potential benefits it can bring to the next family that’s going to buy your house.
  4. Lets you manage resources more efficiently – In green remodeling, you make use of space and materials more efficiently by showing you how to maximize their capacity without actually harming the environment. In the case of space, you save time and effort by navigating around the house with a well thought-out floor plan that lets you accomplish your tasks in shorter periods of time. Your choice of appliances also contributes to efficiency. By choosing “rightsize” appliances, you have space for people to occupy or other important items that you think are missing from your household.
  5. Gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are, indeed saving the planet – Green remodel is a philosophy. It’s not just about buying energy-efficient appliances or moving things in your house, but a way of thinking. You’ll be glad to know that green remodeling is not just about your house construction, but making it possible for your family to enjoy their environment responsibly and safely. In your own little way, you create impact much more than you know.

Saving the environment is not the government’s job alone, it’s everybody’s. Green remodeling your home creates a positive impact on the environment, and who knows, you might influence your neighbors to do the same. Each contribution, when multiplied, creates bigger, life-changing influences that lead to greater, more impactful, and positive developments. Start with your household.

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