How to Create the Most Traditional Bedroom for Your Child

To all children, the bedroom is his or her castle, it is the place where they sleep, learn and play. It is important therefore, that we help create the most wholesome, loving and enjoyable bedroom for them to grow.

But what is a traditional child’s bedroom?

For younger children, we tend to enjoy creating bedrooms that remind us of our own childhood, and quite simply, there is nothing wrong with this, as tradition and culture is passed from generation to generation for a reason.

For a child, wholesome, quality furniture, colorful decor and traditional toys and books are important for children so that they can grow up in a bedroom that they both love and enjoy.

But what about electronics?

According to the New York Times, here in the US, at least half of children now have a television in their bedroom. Though this statistic may seem particularly frightening, once children are above the age of around eight, the addition of a television is quite common, though most doctors and researchers advise regulated viewing.

Whether you have a television, DVD or Blu-ray player in your child’s room is totally up to you and how you wish to parent your children, though if you want a totally traditional make over, perhaps electronics are things best left to the play or living room.

So what is advisable?

If you’re unsure, here are a few tips for items that could be added to your child’s bedroom:

Solid oak furniture

Quite simply, one of the most natural and traditional materials that you could ever wish to add to your child’s bedroom is of course oak furniture. Used for centuries as one of the most beautiful furniture materials, oak can now be found at the heart of most American homes.

Where quality and tradition is an issue for kids’ bedroom furniture, oak is something that will never let you down. In fact, items such as toy chests can be passed down through generations and if they are particularly cared for, the value of a much-loved piece will barely depreciate in value.

Wooden toys

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the bedroom can also be one of the most wondrous rooms for a child, as mostly, it will be the place where all his or her toys are kept.

If you are looking for traditional toys for your child to play and learn with, then look no further than toys made from wood. Used for thousands of years throughout nearly every culture, wooden toys have been the corner stone of childhood for millions of children.

Thankfully, the same is true today. Whether you want wooden puzzles for younger children or wooden trains and planes for older kids, there is nothing quite like the feeling of playing with the types of toys that have been enjoyed by children for generations.


Things that should adorn the room of all children, books are a key learning tool, but they also have other benefits that you may not be aware of.

Although yes, they are fantastically traditional and help add a sense of elegance to any room; they are also things will can help your children grow.

Basic speech skills (try saying One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss out loud), an understanding of social skills and the mastering of logical thought can all be encouraged and developed from reading with your children.

Of course, what could be more traditional or exquisite than a bedroom full of books, stacked within a beautiful solid oak book cabinet?