Simple Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The kitchen is an important room in your home but can get a lot of use and can quickly become grubby with use. It can frequently need refurbishing, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult or expensive. There are lots of quick and easy ways of decorating your kitchen. The most important job in a kitchen before you do any decorating is to ensure it is clean. Sometimes a good spring clean is all it needs to make it look good again.

A spotless kitchen makes all the difference. When taps, sinks, cooker tops, work tops, appliances, wall tiles and flooring are all sparkling clean it will instantly look good. Hire a professional or rent a steam cleaner to blitz the place if needed. Getting it cleaned thoroughly will be the first step before doing any major decorating to your kitchen. Make sure everything is totally cleaned hygienically and sanitised. Tidy any clutter and dump rubbish, a neat and orderly kitchen looks good instantly. Now you can access the situation. Rubbish and waste removal company can help you with that.

You may just need a fresh coat of paint especially on the walls and ceilings. Cooking can soon create a buildup of grease and dirt, so you have to expect to have to repaint regularly for a cleaner and brighter look. If some of your kitchen is looking dated you could make some small changes that won’t cost as much as having a new kitchen installed. Revamping what you already have is fairly easy and quick to do. Consider a lick of paint on the wall tiles to inexpensively revamp them, you can buy specially designed primer and paint to cover old tiles, and are cheaper than buying new replacement ones. If they aren’t damaged have a go.

Kitchen cupboard doors can easily be painted too either in a wood color or a modern shade. You need to prepare properly and if they are wooden they will be easy to prepare by sanding them down first and then applying a new stain or paint. If you have Formica or retro type doors that have seen better days, you could simply replace the doors. Create new storage spaces in your kitchen for the clutter or the vegetables. Having the right place for food will look neat and tidy. Hang utensils from the kitchen walls on specially designed strips. Ceilings are good places to hang saucepans and frying pans and keep them out of the way, but also in easy reach when cooking. Vases and colorful pottery are also good for kitchen utensils. Build shelves for spices and herbs that you use a lot.

If you have a window sill create your own garden and grow your own fresh herbs, they also look very attractive. Hang baskets or keep stacked on top of a fridge for small bits such as letters, keys and other clutter that tends to end up on the counter. Purchase space saving cabinets and storage boxes to keep surplus kitchen items and pots in or things you don’t use much. There are great innovative ideas in many home stores to create more space in the home, and help keep it organized. They come in attractive colors and different materials to suit your style and budget. When decorating your kitchen try to keep it simple and easy to care for. A brighter shade will create light and make it look bigger and also provide a better working environment. You don’t want a dark kitchen or you will not see what you are doing! Equally don’t go overboard with color, but it is nice to have a splash of bold colors even in accessories, pots and pans, window blinds or curtains or table cloths. Keep things simple and add a little color at a time.