Sound off about Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement Stores

25 Apr
Published by Millennial Time...
If you are doing home remodeling and home improvement projects, you are probably dealing with Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement Stores. Do you ever get the feeling that you are being taken for granted? We do. Read our resent article "Are Home Depot and Lowes abandoning homeowners?" Then tell us what you think. Tom


Here's one for you. I picked out flooring based on a 7 - 10 day install window after measurements taken. Two months earlier I had measurements taken for the same project, but they couldn't find them.

About 10 days after signing the agreement, and 5 days after the measurement, I received a call saying the flooring I chose would not be available for 4 to 6 WEEKS. I said to cancel my order, as I was rushing to get the flooring installed and place the townhome for rent. The person said she would cancel it.

Over a month later I received a statement from CitiBank for the flooring. I was confused, so I called Citi first. They said to call store. Store was no help.

I called their corporate offices in Atl. The department I reached was helpful and contacted the store. The store said they tried to cancel the charge but couldn't reach me to get MY approval to credit my Citi/Home Depot Card account. So the store said they would request and send a check so I could pay my Citi bill.


I kept in contact with corporate and they supposedly bantered back and forth with the store for a few weeks. According to corporate, the store requested ANOTHER check and mailed it.


Next, corporate said they would take care of it and faxed me a waiver to sign that would excuse Home Depot of any liability and would facilitate another check. AT THIS POINT, I am a LITTLE UNEASY signing over my rights. I would like corporate to sign the waiver/reimbursement agreement, so I can have a copy, before I sign.

As of now, I'm a little tired of it all. I just called CitiBank and contested the charge. The charge will now be reviewed a "judgment" passed in under 60 days.

Bottom line: don't trust Home Depot. 'nuff said

I purchased a gas water heater at Lowes. This item sat on their floor for five years before I bought it. I attempted to return for a replacement after I had it had been installed at my home after only two years ( I sometimes have no hot water, or it's too hot that you get scalded). They won't give me a replacement because of the manufacturers date on the tank. Remind you, I've only been using it for two years before problems began. They fight me up and down about this I've also contacted Rheem, the brand name on the tank. They redirect me to phone numbers and addresses of different contractors.
The only thing I've been asking for from everyone is a water heater that works and a replacement of the one that I purchased that was already five years into the warranty, either by Rheem, or Lowes.